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A standard microphone, which is part of headphones and some other devices, is not suitable for shows, podcasts – in most cases, such models are semi-professional equipment, in which the quality of communication is far from studio.

It is a professional wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of applications. Whether you’re buying equipment for film, television, broadcast or something else, you need quality sound. A prerequisite is that you have a discreet microphone that works well. Any complication will compromise the quality of the content being recorded, so choose the best for your business or hobby. To make it easier for you to find a microphone, we have selected several of the most popular models on the market.


1. Rode Wireless GO II

This company is dedicated to making premium wireless and wired microphone systems, wireless lavalier microphone for dslr, mobile audio solutions, adapters and camera mixers, recorders and many other accessories. It’s your chance to capture the extraordinary sound that’s so important to you. It is especially challenging to capture a clear sound when working in the field. Monologues, dialogues, reporting from the scene require a lot of effort and good equipment. Despite all the challenges, this model is known for innovation, quality and value that you get for an affordable price. It contains transmitters, a receiver, a bug and cables that connect it to a camera or other device.

All devices can work for several hours. It also features an auxiliary input, loud output and great bass frequency response. This is the perfect way to record great audio for YouTube videos, blogs, livestreaming, podcasting and more. The most interesting thing about this model is that it doesn’t look like a microphone, and it simplifies recording. You don’t have to be afraid of unexpected clipping, because the stated range is over 200m. The microphone has built-in recording, and also records failed transmissions. You also have a safe mode option.

2. The t.bone column PT Set

The t.bone column PT Set is a directional condenser video microphone recommended for DSLR cameras and smartphones. The set includes a microphone, a sponge wind shield, a microphone stand and much more. It distinguishes between noise and human voice signals, as well as the radio frequency environment. The use of narrow-frequency filtering prevents annoying noise from passing through your receiver. It is a compact design, very easy to use. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of this brand before, because it’s a relatively new project. However, their equipment delivers fantastic results for affordable prices. You even get the whole set with metal construction and a sturdy travel case.


SYNCO has developed a line of best wireless lavalier microphone for dslr that is well on its way to destroying its competition. SYNCO offers wireless lavalier microphone for DSLR that adopts 2.4G digital transmission. Thanks to experts and advanced technology, the best microphone you will find for this money has been created. You don’t have to think about cables and other restrictions that destroy your visions. With this kind of equipment you have complete freedom and access to creative thinking. At the same time, the sound quality is excellent, which means that you will be able to realize any idea. Whether you’re indoors or out in the field, the wireless clip on microphone will capture only what’s needed. Crystal clear sound reaches a wide range and you can easily identify busy and free frequencies. With it, you can visit any country in the world, because it offers a stable signal on any terrain. You get a wide range of functions and flexibility of movement. It weighs approximately 35g, and are easy to pair.

4. Saramonic UwMic9S

We present you another microphone model that will transform your interior. This set consists of a receiver and two transmitters, which means it will be an excellent equipment for recording dialogue. It is easy to install, comes with a wide range of wireless channels and all are easy to control. The audio transmission is great. You’ll also get plenty of settings to give you more control over the sound. In a very short time, you will complete all the settings and pair the components, which means that you will speed up the interview or some other job.

5. Movo WMX-1 2.4GHz Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

The famous LA brand has worked hard to create this microphone, and it has delighted many DIY filmmakers. The product provides quality options at affordable prices, and the company offers more smart equipment than most of their competitors. The sound quality is satisfactory, and the noise is minimal and mostly imperceptible. Thanks to the small components, they are easy to hide. The dimensions also facilitate their adjustment. We have to mention that the range is slightly less compared to the previous models, but see the tests on Youtube. You will be very pleased with the comments, because the signal is excellent.

How to choose a lavalier microphone?

Today, many relatively cheap but high-quality models have appeared on the domestic market. So choosing the optimal wireless lavalier microphone for dslr is not so easy. Let’s dwell on the features of this type of equipment. All of these platforms have two basic requirements that enable broadcasting – a fast Internet connection and a good wireless lavalier microphone for camera. If the sound quality is not enough, your career will be over before it starts – viewers don’t like poor quality streams. Think about where you will use the microphone and for what purpose before buying.

Consider directivity as well as sensitivity. If you choose a microphone with a lower value, you will get better quality recordings of quiet sound. Also check the frequency response, because a wider range offers a more natural sound. In this way, the high notes will be better distinguished. If you travel often, look for more compact models with smaller dimensions. Discreet models are better for aesthetic reasons. Consider setup options, possible breakdowns, and budget. it is important that it be stable, light. Apart from these features, it is desirable that your lens has a flexible design.


Whichever of those wireless lavalier microphone system for dslr you choose, you won’t go wrong. Each will help you become a visionary videographer, intrepid newscaster, or dedicated podcaster. You are finally ready to create excellent professional quality sound thanks to best wireless lavalier mic for vlogging. Be creative and enjoy!