Translation revealed!! Toppo will be next God Of Destruction of U11


DRAGON BALL SUPER manga’s new chapter’s translation is not complete, yet there are many different translations from different persons.From the latest translations of chapter 28. Many interesting facts have been revealed which were not shown in anime.

One of most interesting fact is revealed in the picture in which Vermouth (God of destruction U11) is enjoying his harem surrounded by women.Basically, the scene is about of a party in which Vermouth is enjoying his 200 million years as God Of Destruction.

Confirmed! Toppo will be next God Of destruction!

Another translation has revealed that Toppo the leader of Justice Troops will be next God Of Destruction of universe 11. The one who becomes God of Destruction tends to live millions of years!

In addition to this, it is revealed that Vermouth is in his final years as the god of destruction. Vermouth will soon retire from his position, leaving Toppo, who is mentioned as his trusted replacement.

While this information has no connection with connection with Tournament Of Power yet they have helped us to know more about these Mysterious gods and their secrets.