Tournament of power, Is Fusion possible?

Tournament of power, Is Fusion possible?

Tournament of power, Is Fusion possible? So after the rules of the tournament of power were announced by the Daishinkan AKA  the Grand priest, we all have been into thinking mode and the most vivid question I can think of is will we see Gogeta?

I know the comments will be filled with statements like Gogeta is not canon what stupid question is this? But think about this… We know Female Broly is coming back, let’s be very specific Girl Broly.

I mention Gogeta and not Vegito as the Potaras are strictly not allowed as they may be considered as a weapon, then again is it a weapon? Let’s just say yes for the time. We have a complete article on The Potaras make sure to check them out if you haven’t yet.

Tournament of power, Is Fusion possible?

In my opinion, Is it going to happen, the simple answer would be NO. come on let’s map the odds of us seeing Gogeta here, as we know the tournament of power will be run by the rules of battle royal. So if ever Gogeta is made with fusion they will be counted as one instead of two fighters.

Goku has always wanted to test himself to the best of the fighters in all the universe and after the accusations made in the Zeno exhibition of him being evil, we can easily say he is someone who wants to prove them all who is the strongest fighter in all the universes.

Vegeta will have a daughter to protect and he wouldn’t as a Saiyan prince want her to see her daddy incapable of winning about by himself. Yes, there are going to be unmatched fighters from 8 universes and being said there are only 40 hours to the tournament.

The fight will be intense, and yes at a point we may expect them to be forced to fuse for the sake of their universe. The only way they could learn how to fuse is by their sons as they are the only one capable of doing that at this point.

Spoiler Alert: (Ep 83: It would have Vegeta saying a big NO to join the tournament and if that.s the case I don’t see him practicing for the dance either.)

“Teamwork will play an important role” am I the only one going too deep into the sentence? Does this mean something?

Over the top incredible power, levels are no issue, as without any doubts we know there are individuals in the best four universes who can surpass Gogeta too, the question is will there be someone from the fighting universes that can do that? We have seen Hit, and I won’t be surprised if we get to see even stronger fighters in this arc.

With everything said wouldn’t it be great to see Gogeta in the tournament? I mean the gods were amazed to see Goku in his God form, wait till they see SSJ god Gogeta Blue! Damn, I am excited to see the look on their faces.

Let us know in the comment what next to do you want to know Tournament of power, Is Fusion possible?! and do you wish to see Gogeta?