Tower of God Chapter 551: Release Date, Speculation, Hiatus

It was earlier announced that Tower of God Chapter 551 would be released on 25th July 2024, sadly the manga has gone on an indefinite hiatus due to the author’s bad health. SIU has been publishing regular chapters nonstop for the last 2 years. Thus he surely deserves some break.

Tower Of God is a popular manga with over 500 chapters in total. Author SIU has published 65 consecutive chapters without any break. Even though SIU has announced an indefinite hiatus, he has kept us updated with the upcoming chapter of TOG.


When will Tower Of God Hiatus end?

tower of god chapter 551

The last time SIU took a break was in 2020 and the break was for around 6 months, we can expect the same to happen this time also. Many fans are also expecting the hiatus to end within 2 months.

For people who don’t know the reason behind this hiatus, it’s because the author’s health is not very good right now. So this break is very essential for him.

With the upcoming Tower of God Chapter 551, a new arc will start where Baam will enter the competition where he will be fighting strong females from the Lo Po Bia family and some closely associated families. A few princesses of Zahard have also shown interest in taking part in the contest, Lilial Zahard being one of them.

Androssi Zahard is also going to meet Baam, she is not interested in joining the competition but there is a high chance that she will somehow end up fighting in the competition.

Tower Of God Chapter 551 Release Date

Since SIU’s health is not very well the manga has gone into a hiatus for now. This is mainly because of his extremely hard work for continuous two years. So the hiatus will end once he starts getting better and recovers from the year-long fatigue. SIU is a very dedicated and hardworking manga artist who is absolutely great at his work and the fans admire him a lot. Everyone knows that he is trying his best to draw the manga even while he is sick to come back with better content.

It is expected that the ongoing hiatus around TOG 551 will not last more than 3-5 months. So we can expect Tower Of God Chapter 551 to be released around December 2024. The final date of release will be published on SIU’s official blog and the Webtoon website. So stay tuned!

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Fans’ Reaction To TOG 551 Hiatus

Tower Of God has a huge and loyal fanbase, with millions of fans all around the world, and the news of the indefinite hiatus surely saddened them.

Fans have expressed their thoughts about the Tower Of God Chapter 551 hiatus on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Everyone has been supportive of the author’s decision of taking a break. We all know how hectic a mangaka’s schedule is and sometimes they do need such breaks.

The official release date of Tower Of God Chapter 551 will be announced soon and we will share them here once out. So stay tuned with us!


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