Shaman King 2024

The very popular and very interesting series that is New Shaman Kings which was aired on a japan tv Tokyo network with a total of 64 episodes from July 2001 to September 2002 is coming up with a new season of the series. They are now ready to take us to a whole new level of adventure and a mind-blowing story. The fan does have very high expectations from this as this is the new version of Shaman Kings.

Fans of the Shaman King are eagerly waiting to meet their lovely character once again and surely they are not gonna miss this new season with new adventures.


Trailer 2 of New Shaman Kings 2024

It reintroduces anime with the powerful and energetic opening theme

Popular streaming platform Netflix has acquired the rights of the series and with it, they released the trailer of the series too. And after this, the hype of the fans has increased a lot. New Shaman king is going to premiere in Japan on April 1, 2024, on TV Tokyo and another local platform. But at the same time, Netflix has not announced the confirmed date for the release of the series.

Now coming to the new trailer, which shows the world of Shaman king’s beauty and people with supernatural powers. They create and learn a new form of power. The word Shaman is used for the people who can communicate with spirits and make spirit work under their command. The trailer is as below:

Yoh Asakura the character in the series is the one who aims to become the Shaman King bypassing all the difficulties in the path. He wants to bring peace and safety into the world and because of this, he wishes to become the Shaman King. The trailer shows the regrouping of his friends and going for a new thrilling adventure. The trailer shows some eyecatching fight scenes which are going to be a treat for the fans.

In the latest trailer, we can see the opening theme of the anime which is “Soul Salvation” by the very talented Megumi Hayashibara. The opening and the ending theme of the series are both sung by her only.

Beginning of Shaman kings

The start of this series takes us back to the year 1998 when it was all first started. The director of the series Hiroyuki Takei directed and presented it to the people back then.

The director beautifully pictured the world of Shaman. He shows us how the Shaman is different from others and how they can communicate with the spirits and gods.

It focuses on the very important tournament called the Shaman fight which is organized every 500 years and the winner gets the power to change the world in his way and offers control over the spirits.

In the whole story, the main character is Yho Asakura who in his journey met with Manta Oyamada later a huge change is seen in the life of both as they move ahead. Yho has got another companion with him along his journey who is his samurai friend Amidamaru and he is believed to be 600 years old.

The whole series is a complete package of entertainment in a very decorative way.