At any celebration or during sadness, alcohol becomes the main center of attraction. But it can also put an individual in a drunken state if not used safely. It is the responsibility of the server, place, and customer to consume alcoholic beverages in limited quantities responsibly. The Training Program for The Responsible Beverage Service was developed by Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) as part of the RBS Act of 2017 to create a unified regulation, impart necessary serving skills, and reduce alcohol-related accidents in California.

This program, who within the organization has to be rbs certified, makes sure that managers and servers are aware of the risks associated with offering children and customers too much alcohol. This initiative lessens the harm caused by alcohol in local communities.


RBS Training Program


Alcohol servers in California must undergo RBS Training, the state-approved curriculum for Alcohol Server Certification, to serve alcoholic beverages under the law.

While working as a bartender or serving alcohol is a rewarding and enjoyable career that allows interacting with customers, it also comes with immense responsibility. RBS Training aims to provide alcohol servers with the knowledge and skills they require to avoid serving intoxicated and underage customers. Topics covered include their legal obligations as alcohol servers, responsible sales and service practices, the effects of alcohol consumption in society, and the physical effects of alcohol.

From 1st July 2022, all servers and their managers must hold current RBS certifications from RBS training providers approved by ABC and pass an RBS exam offered online by ABC. This training must be finished by newly joined staff within two months from their start date.

Is The RBS Training And Certification Course Compulsory?

Yes, training is necessary. All distributors of alcoholic beverages in California and their supervisors must complete a state-approved training course and own a valid RBS Certificate as of July 1, 2024.

Liquor distributor training needs to be completed by those who require a certificate by teaching an RBS based tutoring course. The next step is the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of California will help with the provincial exam, which a server of alcoholic beverages must pass no later than August 31, 2024.

An individual receives a three-year permit after completing the tutoring course and passing the state exam. The course is put together by knowledgeable industry specialists and gives applicants all the information to pass the exam.

Who Are Eligible For Certification?


People employed in the California food and beverage business should complete the training course and receive a certificate. An organization having an Alcoholic Beverage Control California On-Site Permit gets permission to serve alcoholic beverages to customers.

ABC licensees need to validate that attendees are RBS and check teh training regime, including bars, eateries, lodging, stadiums, and quick-service restaurants.

Even when not employed in these areas, getting the certificate in advance is simple and affordable, and one will have the edge over others when applying for interviews.

Who Should Conduct RBS Training

According to Assembly Bill 1221, liquor distributors are responsible for screening customer identification before granting entry to an certified business, selling alcoholic beverages, taking drink orders, pouring intoxicating liquor, or providing alcoholic drinks.

Managers of alcohol distributor’s work for organizations with ABC certification may hire, train, or supervise distributors of alcoholic beverages. It allows employees or contractors of one ABC permittee who conduct training for a different ABC permittee’s on-site liquor assistance program.

Requirements For One-Day Licenses

Organizations that have been granted a temporary regular on-sale permit or a short-term regular off-sale permit for an event must have at least one approved employee on site to oversee the provision of alcohol during the event.

How to Sign Up For the Certification Exam?


One should register in the RBS Portal before starting the RBS Training. A $3 non-refundable registration fee is charged by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. A 9-digit server identification number is provided after registration. Before starting the course, one needs to enter the number.

Within 24 hours of completion of the training, the training provider will notify ABC of the user’s course completion. One must pass the certification test on ABC’s online RBS site to obtain RBS certification. After finishing the course, ABC will email a link to register for the exam.

What is The Duration of RBS Training?

One needs to register for the RBS exam via the RBS Portal. During registration, one needs to pay $3 for the exam. From the providers listed on the state website, pick a California RBS Training course that has received ABC approval. Any of these courses can be finished in 2-4 hours. Within 24 hours of the course’s conclusion, the provider will report the results to the state.

Then the state will provide access to the portal where one can take the certification exam for serving alcohol. To be certified, one needs to pass the test with a score of at least 70%.

Price of RBS Training


The price for RBS certification differs between service providers. When registering on the RBS portal, the state costs $3 for the exam. A California ABC-approved RBS Training course can range from $8.95 for a basic level course to $40.00 for a premium course.

Does California Alcohol Safety Training Need To Be The Same For Managers And Servers?

Yes. Restaurants, bars, fast-casual eating, tasting rooms (including off-sale locations), hotels, and stadium – these places where employees serve or manage alcohol must complete RBS training from an ABC-approved RBS Training Provider and pass an online RBS exam offered by the ABC.

On the California ABC website, one can look for answers to any additional queries regarding employment requirements.


 How to Obtain RBS Certification?

  • The first step is to create an account on the California RBS Portal.
  • Then finish the online RBS certification application and pay the $3 application cost.
  • One can get the ID number under the Server Certificate Details section. Make sure to write it down. For every course, one should register with the same ID.
  • To find a training provider, search the portal.
  • After completing the course, one can log in to the portal to take the RBS exam. One gets three chances to earn a grade of at least 70%. After following these conditions, the certificate will be created automatically and linked to the Server Registration profile.


The self-paced, universally accessible California Responsible Beverage Serving (RBS) Training Course provides the most recent information on the state’s liquor service regulations and laws. Trainees will receive a digital certification of completion after completing the course.