Dragon Ball Super Chapter 56

Spoilers Ahead! Special thanks to KenXyro

Here is the latest news from Dragon Ball Super, yesterday night titles of upcoming chapters were leaked here you can check them out :

Oct 8th -Ep 109-110

Goku Vs Jiren

Oct 15th- Ep 110

HIT   Vs.  Jiren 

Oct 22 – Ep 111

Vegeta ‘s Resolve

Oct 29 – Ep 112

Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle 

 Synopsis Of Episode 109 

Jiren the most powerful warrior of U11 enters into battle. His power surpasses all others. Son Goku challenges Jiren with  Super Saiyan Blue, raising Kaio-Ken to the maximum, it is still of no use.

Goku’s attacks get deflected and are knocked down. However, ki never seen before erupts from his body. The new form with silver eyes must be noticed!

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