To make your business stand out from competitors on a bustling street, pylon signs are your best bet as they’re one of the best types of metal signs for businesses.

Compared to other business signs, pylon signs offer several advantages. They are highly visible from a distance, visually appealing, and effectively capture the attention of potential customers.

If you have experimented with various business signs like digital signs, wall signs, roll-up banners, and sidewalk signs, but haven’t achieved the desired results, pylon signs are worth considering. These freestanding metal signs serve as an excellent marketing tool to attract customers, particularly in busy areas.

As per a study conducted by FedEx, 68% of customers agree that a business’s sign shows the worth of its products and services.


Pylon Signs

Pylon signs, known as highway signs, road signs, freestanding signs, or pole signs, are standalone signage not attached to any building or structure. Due to their nature, they attract significant attention from passersby.

These signs are commonly utilized outdoors and are mounted on single or double poles. An interesting aspect is that they can display information on both sides. Pylon signs often incorporate fluorescent lamps or LEDs for illumination, though some may be unlit.

Types of Pylon Signs Available in the Market

Various types of pylon signs are available on the market to suit different business requirements and marketing strategies. These include:

1. Single Pole Mounted

The single-pole mounted pylon sign represents the most straightforward and fundamental design, providing a budget-friendly choice to effectively distinguish your business. It consists of a high-rise metal pole and a signboard, which can be illuminated or plain, and single-sided or double-sided, depending on your needs. Typically ranging from 25 to 40 feet in height, this type of pylon sign is easily visible from a distance.

2. Double Pole Mounted


The double-pole design is another commonly used variant, featuring two poles placed in parallel to provide increased stability and durability. This design is particularly useful when utilizing a large pylon signboard.

3. Enclosed Pole Mounted

For those who prefer not to have exposed poles, the enclosed-pole pylon sign design is a suitable option. This design allows you to cover the pole with your brand’s colors, maintaining a cohesive and branded appearance.

4. Personalized Lightbox


To attract the attention of potential customers throughout the day, the personalized lightbox pylon sign is an excellent choice. This type of pylon sign incorporates one or multiple lightboxes within the sign, making it visually appealing. Business owners situated in business parks, malls, and shopping compounds usually uses a personalized lightbox design. If you want to have great-looking displays for your signage then you should check Rise Vision.

This internally illuminated cabinet, usually rectangular in shape, prominently showcases the business’s name through a translucent front panel. The cabinet, commonly with a rectangular shape, incorporates a transparent front panel to showcase the business’s name.

5. Illuminated on the Outside

Although many pylon signs incorporate a lightbox within the signboard, certain businesses opt for externally illuminated pylon signs to further enhance their visibility.

6. Incorporated LED Display


While pylon signs effectively showcase your business to the bustling crowd, you can also integrate an LED signboard to highlight special offers, limited-time discounts, and other promotional messages.

Why Install Pylon Signs?

As emphasized throughout this article, pylon signs are a highly effective method for attracting potential customers, particularly in busy and high-traffic areas. Being freestanding and prominently visible among numerous signboards, they stand out and capture attention. According to a report from the University of Cincinnati, pylon signs can significantly contribute to increased sales, leading even banks to utilize them for prospect engagement.

Additionally, a study by the California Sign Association (CSA) revealed that among 162 fast-food outlets in Southern California, those with pylon signs experienced greater business growth than those using other types of signs.

Additional advantages of pylon signs are as follows:

  • Durability and Flexibility: Pylon signs boast sturdy poles, rendering them more resilient than other business signs. Their design allows for customization, enabling you to tailor the signboard shape to your convenience. You can adjust the number of lightboxes, add wraps to the poles, incorporate LED signs, and implement various other modifications.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Pylon signs offer a more budget-friendly option compared to other types of signage. Their long-lasting nature translates to cost savings, and they often come with appealing features like lightboxes, ensuring a high return on investment (ROI).
  • Multi-Angle Visibility: Double-sided and triangular pylon signs are excellent solutions for advertising from multiple directions, enhancing their visibility and reach.
  • Continuous Impact: Pylon signs surpass building-attached signs in terms of visibility. Illuminated pylon signs remain effective even during inclement weather and nighttime, ensuring they are visible to potential customers around the clock.

Essential Considerations for Pylon Sign Installation


Installing pylon signs necessitates the expertise of skilled engineers and steel fabricators to ensure the signs’:

  • Accurate design
  • Durable and safe manufacturing
  • Safe erection
  • Timely installation

In certain cases requiring more customization, experienced graphic designers may also be involved by some pylon sign manufacturers.

During the design and fabrication process, pylon signs typically feature aluminum parts welded to steel frames. Larger metal sections are reinforced to prevent oil canning, and the steel frames are separately painted to prevent rusting. Some manufacturers even employ materials like brick, stone, stucco, and others for the construction of pylon signs.


Pylon signs are a powerful and versatile tool for businesses seeking to enhance their visibility and attract potential customers. Their freestanding nature and strategic placement make them stand out amidst the crowd of other signage, ensuring round-the-clock impact. With various design options and customization possibilities, pylon signs offer not only an aesthetically pleasing solution but also a cost-effective and durable investment.

However, their installation requires the expertise of skilled professionals to ensure accurate design, safe fabrication, and timely erection. Whether it’s incorporating a personalized lightbox or opting for an externally illuminated design, pylon signs offer numerous benefits that can significantly contribute to business growth. For any enterprise looking to make a lasting impression and gain a competitive edge, pylon signs prove to be an indispensable asset in their marketing arsenal.