Hey all, the Tournament of Power is coming to its end as only 13 minutes are left. In the latest episode 119 we saw erasure of two Universes, Universe 2 and Universe 6. The episode was quite emotional and amazing too.

While fans were really happy for Universe 2 erasure , they were sad for Universe 6. We saw Vegeta slipping from the Stage reason being the Hidden warrior of Universe 4!

From the preview of episode 119 this pic of Vegeta gets slipped from the stage, we saw Universe 7 warriors getting pushed by Universe 4 mysterious warriors. While Vegeta fans were expecting something big from Vegeta, Dragon Ball Super just showcased Vegeta slipping at the edge of the stage.

This scene was quite humourous, and afterwards the whole social media started trolling Vegeta. Here are some of them:

The whole fandom is full of all these types of memes.  So what are your thoughts? Will Vegeta will be eliminated?

Dragon Ball Super will bring Universe 6,9,10 fighters back in 119

Moving ahead we are gonna have episode 119 coming up next week on December 9th and probably everyone have watched the trailer of it but if you haven’t then you can watch it here:


Moving ahead, the spoilers and the preview already have confirmed that the mysterious Universe 4 Warriors are now gonna be in action soon. Damon And Gamisarasu were one of the biggest topic in the whole fandom from the start of Tournament of Power, and also this unknown warrior below named Shansu.

In the preview we have seen him making some kinda deep red waves which made the atmosphere reddish-Black. Also we saw Gohan and Piccolo struggling in that atmosphere with old fighters which have already been erased.

You would have noticed that this atmosphere is limited to only Gohan and Piccolo and doesn’t have any influence on Goku and Vegeta and other warriors. So, what it is really? In my opinion it is some kind of illusion barrier created by Shansu or some kind of dream or mind control technique, we can’t say anything!

But most of us have noticed some kind of emerging figures in blackish colour in the preview. What are those actually? Look closely they are the erased warriors which have already fallen off the stage.

Also, this guy above looks like Botamo from universe 6. What ever this illusion is can’t be confirmed, but this suggests that Shansu can create identical clones of all those erased Universe Warriors.

Yet it is still unknown whether these clones possess the same power as original ones but if they possess the same power then it will be really a mess for Universe 7 as we can have Hit, Kale, Cabba and many others back to the Tournament of Power.

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