Vegito vs Beerus

Who can possibly destroy the God of Destruction: Vegito Vs Beerus

What do you think Vegito’s power level is when he can transforms to god form? (Lets think abour Vegito vs Beerus)  Or may be have a kioken x 10 over the fusion god form? Will the mortal God of Destruction stand a chance? (keeping Beerus’s Hakai out of league lol)

Beerus is said to be the strongest being in universe 7 and can make anything into ashes if he wishes to, but we have seen the struggle of him fighting GoKu in his imperfect god form,

vegito vs beerus

if stated correctly he was at his 70% power level. So if Goku in his base form is a 1 ssj would be at least 3 times the base form ssj3 would be at least 3 times ssj and god as explained by whis is a form where one can use all of his ki with efficiency that is not less than 3 times ssj3 form.

Vegita when at rage( yeah we all remember the bulma scene apparently he loves her a lot!) he surpassed ssj3 form and was able to make beerus use 10% of his power level now with these calculation in place goku or vegita alone stand no chance with beerus but what if they fused into god form vegito?

The iconic final Kamehameha was what blew merged zamasu into ashes and he was a God fused with apparently a form which goku has’nt even reaches yet. So does beerus stand a chance? Let’s recalculate.

Vegita could beat the super saiyan out of black goku and in his god form we can take him as 70% of beerus( Don’t slap Bulma just yet) and Goku with is kioken x20 would be beyond beerus almost 4 times but he can’t very well sustain that form so in his ssj god form he might as well be 70% of beerus. We know there is the rule of fusion where the powers of both the beings taking part in fusion increases tremendously not to mention the new attacks they develop, we can thus say if Vegito is bout againt beerus, he may just bite dust.

So was Whis serious when he told Goku and Vegita that they could be the God of Destruction one day?

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