If your energy levels aren’t near their peak, you won’t be able to reach your maximum muscle building potential. Fortunately, there are supplements that are consumed for the purpose of increasing energy. The idea is to achieve your goal in the shortest possible time by giving your maximum in every training session. Benefits will be felt even by high performance athletes.

However, bad lifestyle habits cannot be compensated by supplements like those offered at Bulk Supplements Direct. That’s why it’s important to eat nutrient-rich foods, drink enough water and sleep the optimal number of hours every day. In the rest of the text, we will say something more about supplementation, so if you are interested, check it out.


What are pre-workouts?

You all know about steroid based products. They are mostly associated with bodybuilding, professional athletes. However, for a while they were also popular among recreational exercisers who simply wanted to improve their form and training efficiency. These products are not the same as pre-workouts, because they have a large number of side effects. Unlike them, the supplements we are going to talk about today increase the performance of exercisers in a natural way. So they won’t triple your muscle mass in a short period of time like steroids but will allow you to do a phenomenal workout every time.

This is exactly what most exercisers are missing. We all need an energy booster after a hard day, too much work and obligations or after a long vacation. They will provide you with enough necessary nutrients and strength and enable you to achieve better results. These include, for example, NO reactors, Creatine, various amino acids. Instead of going to training exhausted and getting poor results or getting injured, consider these products. They are completely legal and healthy, and you can buy them at any specialized online store.

What are the best pre-workout supplements?

We have to mention that not everyone will be equally suited to the same products. What is the best option for you does not necessarily mean that it will be the same for other exercisers. The human body is extremely complex, which means that the answer to this question depends solely on the individual. It is best to try different products before settling on one. Each of them is safe and will lead you to positive changes, but some will work more effectively when it comes to your body. If you want the best for your body, focus on products with specific ingredients. For example, it can be vitamin B or B12. Other ingredients that are desirable in the list of ingredients are beta-alanine, L-citrulline, etc. They will significantly improve energy during endurance exercise. Another great option is caffeine.

You can never go wrong with it, as the benefits of this ingredient are widely known. First of all, it prevents fatigue and at the same time increases energy. It also increases muscle endurance. Research shows that it is one of the best ergogenic aids. It works by slowing the absorption of adenoids, which means it reduces the feeling of tiredness and makes you less sleepy. It extends the duration of high-intensity exercises for up to an hour. You should take it at least 15 minutes and no longer than an hour before you start training.

How to choose the best supplement?

The golden rule when shopping is to carefully read the list of ingredients on the product. If you have any doubts, do not decide on a particular supplement or consult with experts. Since it is very easy to seek advice today, you do not necessarily have to choose a nutritionist and a doctor. You can consult with professional trainers who have experience and knowledge. You’ll find them when you visit fitness forums and other communities. Also talk to other exercisers, we’re sure they’ll have good advice for you. Finally, always read reviews. Choose the highest quality products if you want the best results. To be sure of your choice, stick to the basic ingredients. Keep this list as simple as possible so that your body is not overloaded with unnecessary ingredients. Many manufacturers use too many ingredients, most of which are not beneficial while some are harmful. Don’t forget to try the products before you buy them in full size. That way you will check your tolerance to them and the taste.

Is creatine a good option?

If you thought until now that this substance is responsible for increasing strength and volume, you are mistaken. It also affects an increase in energy, because when creatine comes into contact with muscle desire, it binds to a high-energy phosphate molecule. In this way, you store more ATP for longer and more powerful muscle contractions when lifting weights. The dosage of this supplement depends on its form. We are talking about a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies and can be found in some foods such as red meat and fish. It has also been proven to improve cognitive functions and short-term memory.

What to do after workout?

If you want to do a quality workout, what you do after tennis is equally important. Similar to a pre-workout, you will use certain ingredients in your diet. It is recommended that you take in protein and carbohydrates. They will help you repair and recover broken muscle tissue and build new muscle. Hydration is equally important, as you don’t want to lose a lot of precious minerals through sweat during exercise. Finally, rest your body. You can use foam rollers for stretching, work on mobility, use a muscle gun, or something else.


If you need additional motivation for training, look for it in pre-workouts. Thanks to their powerful effects, you will have enough energy to do high-intensity training at any time. This means that you will extend your training and manage to do different exercises. You will see the first results very quickly, which include more muscles, a higher level of endurance and less inflammation. Athletes will especially enjoy their benefits, because they will always give their best and improve their career.