Back Arrow an original Japanese series directed by Goro Taniguchi. The series is produced by studio VOLN. The series was recently launched in the year 2024 January. Previously on  Back Arrow, we saw Princes Fine is expecting a war from His Highness.

She also told Barana and Prax that they are preparing for war with Rekka in two days. We also see that Fine has been posses by her other personality. When Luto arrives at his hideout, he told Arrow and others about the coming war. As Luto was followed by Friz. He starts destroying their hideout.

But here Dissonaza chases Friz away. Solo can’t believe in his eyes after seeing Dissonaza.  He is also believed to be the worst person in Lutoh. Fans are eager to know what to expect from Back Arrow Episode 11.


The release date for Back Arrow Episode 11

Back Arrow Episode 11 will release on Saturday, 20th March 2024 at midnight. The show is going to be released on, Funimation, and AnimeLab. We will briefly update you more on this once the show is released. Let’s have a look at what happened previously on Back Arrow.

Back Arrow Episode 10

They both arrived at Depraved Palace and met with Elect Supreme. He is seen eating some sugary snacks. Shuu wonders why a chubby guy like that is Elect Supreme. He also apologizes for eating in front of them. Elect Supreme wonders is surprised knowing that Brains of Rekka don’t even know him.

Solo reveals that he is seeing Rudolf for the very first time. He only heard rumors of him and thought there exist no Elect Supreme. Arrow asks about Rudolf, Shuu says he is one of the Six Supreme. Rudolf is the guy who elects the crown. During this whole conversation going on, he continues to eat a bunch of snacks.What To Expect From Back Arrow Episode 11

The beginning of the War

Rudolf enjoys new company and is glad to see the man beyond the wall. He asks Arrow is coming from inside a Rakuho. Arrow surely didn’t like that and he fires back at him for being bossy. Rudolf praises Arrow by saying him a sharp one. Arrow also said him that he doesn’t like people like him. Due to this Rudolf got angry and he created a gust of wind and with it slams Arrow with the wall.

Rudolf told he become extremely powerful when he gets angry and his eyes also turn green. His powers have no limit, and if he wants he can also destroy the world. Now Dossonaza arrives and gives the news that Supreme Path has arrived.

Rudolf knows about Prax who is after him for a very long time. Peath says he has brought news from Lutoh Kingdom, and never intended to interfere at that moment. But Rudolf is already aware of the declaration of the war with Fine. Peath wonders where did he get the news of the war.


Rudolf tells everyone about how he gave his blood to Fine after she met with an accident. From here everyone now knows the reason behind the twin personality (an evil one and a good one) of Fine. It is also one of the reasons why Fine is fit for the crown.

This is the root problem of all this blood of Rudolf. This is why Fine is in such a situation. Shuu asks Solo if he was not aware of whose blood is being given to Fine. Solo replies he had no idea about this.

When Arrow arrives at Lutoh the fights with Prax and also further defeats him, Fine returns to normal. They further decided to help her and stop the war. They also stop decide to stop the execution that is going to happen.