What to Expect From Douluo Continent Season 2 Release Date, update
What to Expect From Douluo Continent Season 2 Release Date, update

With a total of 40 episodes “Douluo Continent” was released recently. It is an action-adventure drama also popularly known as “Dou Luo Da Lu 2” and “Jue Shi Tang Men”. The director of the series Tang Jia San Shao made sure to impress the audience with his debut series. The series has a nice blend of romance and action in the form of martial arts.


What to expect from douluo continent season 2?

Every week 4 episodes were released which would make viewers stick to it. Fans would wait eagerly for the next episode to be released as soon as possible. As we know that the first season is over we now believe that the fans have to wait for a bit longer to know what’s going to happen next in the series. But not worry we are further in the article going to tell the expected release time for the next season.

The writer Tang Jia San Shio, director Yang Zhen, and screenwriter  Wang Juan made sure that the story is shown to us in a very beautiful and decorative way. We find the perfect balance between romance and drama this is what the fans expect. Some very big investors from the production companies have invested in the show such as Tencent  Penguin Picture, New Classic Media,  Xuan Shi Tang Men, and few others.

The trailer was released about 4 months ago which gained huge popularity after the release. The first season was very successful let’s hope for the release of season 2.

Douluo Continent Cast:

  • Names of some key characters are given below:

With the beautiful storyline there comes the beautiful cast,

  • Betty Wu as Xiao Wu: Betty is a talented Chinese singer, some of his works include “Go Newbies”, “Perfect Summer”.
  • Sean Xiao as Tang San: Xiao is a Chinese singer and a very handsome actor. He is also the part of male idol group X NINE.
  • Gao Tai Yu as Dai Mu Bai: Gao is a Chinese actor. He is been part of many movies like Sword Snow Stride and many more.
  • Liu Mei Tong as Zhu Zhu Qing: Tong is a Chinese artist and a very beautiful actress. She is part of movies like Joy of Life and many more.
  • Din Xiao Ying as Ning Rong Rong: Ding is also a Chinese actress with so much talent.

What is this Doulou Continent is all about?

The series starts with a guy named Tang San, who lost his mother at a very young age. He lives with his father as so he has to depend on him for every life decision he makes in life. From a young age, Tang is believed to be a very smart guy with extraordinary wits and quick decision-making ability. He aspires to become a soul master. Once he is sent for cultivation to the Nuo Ding Academy. There he first meets Yu Xiaogang and starts to learn under his guidance. There he encounters an orphan girl named Xiao Wu, slowly with time they come close and become sworn siblings.

To better his techniques Xiaogang brings Tang to Shrek academy. There they form a group of 7 youngsters and name their group “Shrek Seven Devils”.  Further, they enroll themselves in the battle for power.  On the other hand, Tang finds out the person who assassinated his mother, he is better known as Martial Soul Pavillion’s Bi Bidong. Tang makes allies with various sections and wages war against Martial Soul Pavilion.

About Doulou Continent Season 2 Release Date:

For now, there are no updates regarding the release of season 2 of Douluo Continent. As of now the first season just got ended the makers have now released any news of season 2. But there is a high possibility that the production may renew in the upcoming months.

The fans are quite excited for the second season but it looks like they have to wait for some time.