What To Expect From Shadow House Season 1? Plot, Release Date
What To Expect From Shadow House Season 1? Plot, Release Date

This is about What To Expect From Shadow House Season 1? Shadow House is a dark and supernatural fantasy manga comic series. The series is written and created by Somatic. The manga comic was first released on the 6th of September, 2018 in the Weekly Young Jump magazine created by Shueisha. The comic series is directed by Kazuki Ohashi and produced by CLoverWorks. The announcement of the anime adaptation of this web series was done in October 2020. And further, in the article, we are going to tell you about what to expect from Shadow House Season 1?

Once released, you can watch the TV series on channels such as Tokyo MX, BS11, GTV, GYT, MBS, BS Asahi, Wowow, FTV, Bilibili, and many more. Also, the show will be broadcasted on various online platforms. No opening theme song has been added to this series yet, but the ending theme song is revealed. The ending theme song of the web series is called ‘Nai Nai’ and is performed by ReoNa.



Main Plot of Shadow House Season 1

The series circulates a living doll called Emilyko. She lives in a very big and eerie mansion and serves a member of the Shadow Family name Kate. Kate is the Proprietor of this dark and tremendously large house.  Emilyko is very doubtful of how the members of this family act. But she is very honest and dearly takes care of her mistress, Kate. The Shadows are not human but some supernatural creatures from any other world. They have a power through which whatever they touch becomes dirty and gets covered with black soot or ash.

The Shadow Family creates such living dolls to serve and entertain them. They make dolls for their maids and make them do all the household works. They are made to cook and clean the house. Every member even children also have their doll servants. Moreover, if the doll doesn’t function properly it is dismantled or demolished. These dolls also help the members of the Shadow Family to express themselves and communicate with each other.

Being metaphorically and dark web series, the story of Shadow House seems to create a perfect balance between dark mystery and innocence of dolls. We are yet to find out that if the plot is going to get any darker and creepier. What To Expect From Shadow House Season 1?

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 Cast and Characters 

As we already told there are two parts to the characters one is Shadow Family and the other is Living Dolls. Let’s have a look at the cast. The main protagonist in the series is Emilyko and is voiced by Yu Sasahara. Next is Lou and she is getting voiced by Ayane Sakura. Then we have Shaun and Ricky and they are voiced by Kodai Sakai and Reiji Kawashima, next is Ram, who is voiced by Mai Nakahara.

Now let’s have a look at Shadow Family, starting with Kate Shadow, who Akari Kito voices. Louise is voiced by Ayane Sakura and John, who Kodai Sakai voices and Reiji Kawashima voices Patrick. They also include Shirley who is voiced by Shin Shimoji. Now Mia is voiced by Saori Onishi, Mai Nakahara voices Maryrose. Kenta Miyake voices Joseph, and Yumiri Hanamori voices Sophie.

You must have noticed that many of the voice artists are working double roles this is because dolls are supposed to be the face of their masters and also sharing their voices. There are also few supporting characters in the show.

Season 1 Release Date

The schedule of the episode of season one is not yet known to us, but the producers have confirmed that the first episode of the show is going to aired on the 11th of April, in 2024. Get ready to witness the amazing universe of Shadows and Dolls. You can watch Shadow House on an online streaming platform called Funimation.

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