Since electric bikes were introduced to the mainstream transportation market, mobility has been revolutionized for many people. However, not all riders can ride a two-wheeler. The reasons for this can be many. Some people may find it difficult to maintain balance since they haven’t ridden in years or have mobility issues, or their physical strength may have declined with age.

Fortunately, an electric trike for adults offers an ideal solution for these types of riders. They are stable and require less strength to ride and are suitable for all ages and abilities. You can easily take these electric tricycles on long rides, as they are comfortable and provide a secure ride. Moreover, electric trikes usually come with fat tires, so you can take your e-trike on any type of terrain.


A Must-Know about Electric Trike


There is a boom in the popularity of electric trikes among people of all ages seeking eco-friendly alternatives to traditional gas-powered vehicles. With so much demand and advancement in technology over the past few years, many brands offer various models and types of electric trikes to cater to everyone’s needs. That’s why seniors have so many options now.

For those seeking something more comfortable and convenient, the electric trike has emerged as the game-changer among the many options available for e-trikes. In general, electric tricycles are already far more stable and less likely to tip over than electric bikes, but with electric trikes, the mount and dismount get even easier and you’re likely to sit in a more stable upright sitting posture. In this way, electric trikes are becoming the ultimate safe and more comfortable choice for anyone who may have stability or mobility issues.

Addmotor is a leading electric trike brand in the electric bike industry and offers some of the finest electric trike models. In this blog, we are going to introduce a must-know electric trike, that will definitely change the way you travel.

Addmotor Grandtan Plus E-Trike

Addmotor Grandtan Plus, the upgrade version of Grandtan M-340 E-trike, is the best electric trike bike for those who value stability and safety.

Innovative features and reliability are the hallmarks of Addmotor electric bikes. The Grandtan Plus is a complete package that will provide you with everything you can expect from an electric trike. With a powerful 750-watt motor paired with a 48V*20Ah Samsung lithium cell battery, the Grandtan Plus is an impressive all-rounder that combines efficiency and power. The battery is capable of powering your electric trike over long distances on a single charge and the motor can provide good acceleration with 20mph as a top speed. The charge time for this trike is approx. 8-10 hours which is quite understandable considering the long range of 85+ miles on PAS1.

In terms of frame design, the Grandtan Plus is well-built and offers a sturdy step-through frame with a wooden footrest that makes getting on and off easily. Due to its low profile, you will have no problem riding this bike without feeling any pain or injuries. The strong and well-built Grandtan Plus has tremendous payload capacity and can easily haul 450+ pounds of payload with ease for cargo and rider. To ride at night, the Grandtan Plus is the best option as it comes with front and rear lights combined with EB 2.0 electric system that will ensure that you see clearly while riding at night. As the Grandtan Plus features thick, robust tires, it is easier to ride for longer periods without concerns about them wearing out. All-in-all, the Grandtan Plus is an excellent choice for anyone looking to replace their boring routines with something fun and comfortable.

Reasons to Choose an Electric Trike

There are plenty of reasons why an electric trike could be the right choice instead of a two-wheeler bike. However, aside from the obvious advantages, the following are the pros that could help you decide whether to choose an e-trike or not;

  1. Electric trikes are the better option for people of all ages because they provide comfort and stability, which could be a problem with a two-wheeler. When riding an electric trike, you don’t have to worry about balancing or tipping over. With the addition of a third wheel, the center of gravity is lowered and you can easily ride without much balancing.
  2. Electric trikes also allow you to save money as they are cost-effective transport alternatives. With a trike, you can carry more without having to worry about gas prices or parking fees.
  3. Electric trikes are also safer to ride than two-wheel alternatives. The frame is usually sturdy and stable. Additionally, trikes usually have mechanical disc brakes, which provide better stopping power.
  4. Electric trikes also offer more cargo storage than traditional bicycles. They have additional racks at the front and back that allow you to carry anything with you. So, you don’t have to worry about backpacks to carry your essentials, you can easily store anything in these racks.
  5. Electric trikes usually have long banana seats that allow you to ride with a friend or anyone. With this feature, you can travel with your loved ones and make traveling more enjoyable. Moreover, the trikes have bigger batteries and motor so carrying more passengers isn’t a problem.
  6. Electric trikes are the best option for people with mobility issues as they lack the strength to ride a traditional bicycle. By having the stability of the third wheel and the convenience of an electric motor, trikes can make their lives easier. It also allows them to be more active and independent to travel whenever they want to.
  7. Riding an e-trike is also a good way to get back into cycling slowly as electric tricycles don’t need much practice or the need for handling. So, if you haven’t ridden for a while or recovering from any injury or surgery, the trike might be the most suitable option.

Bottom Line

The Addmotor Grandtan Plus is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a more powerful and stable option for an electric trike. With its powerful motor, large battery, comfort, stability, and impressive cargo capacity, it is well-suited for a variety of uses and can cater to anyone’s needs and preferences. So, if you want to make your traveling more comfortable and stable, you can visit Addmotor to get this amazing trike for your daily life routine.