Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 English Sub

Will Gohan turn SSJ God!?

Will Gohan turn SSJ God in Super or Mystic form? With Pan to protect and Videl on his side, we know Gohan is carrying a huge emotional trigger that could be used within the battles of power. we all know what happens when that button is pushed.

We heard Beerus saying Gohan is unlike Goku actually increasing the mortality level of the whole universe.

Vegeta and every other person who is going to participate in this tournament are not aware of the award that they might get if they win.

To be very specific that this could be the last match they fight if they lose. We have in all seen that the Saiyan race has the emotional trigger where they can surpass their energy levels for a moment. Don’t believe me? ask Cell.

Vegeta too has a family to protect and the prince won’t let us down when it comes to hurting Bulma, apparently the only one he has ever tried to protect.


So the question here is are 2 SSJ gods enough to win the tournament of power? besides the fact that we will be having not so powerful players such as krilin and Tian, that Gohan the most loved of all character turns a God.

Let’s see this way, there are 23 planets where life exists and out of which we have 4 or more life forms on earth itself and Goku has surpassed most of them but we can’t say the same for Gohan or anyone else, and we can take it as a fact Gohan is the next in line to be worthy to get the transformation of gods.

After cell saga, Gohan has weakened but the flying words are the training soon will make him better stronger and more awesome than the last SSJ 2 form we have seen.

Do the math Cell saga he was better than the Vegeta who transformed into God so can’t Gohan? Not even if he would lose pan and Videl and everyone he loves forever if he fails.