Goku new form
Credits: TOEI

Hey all, what’s up! The Tournament of Power is more than half-way done and still 17 minutes are left. There are 26 fighters left and there are 2 new eliminations of Kale and Caulifa.

Before the airing of episode 110, the production team of TOEI Animation had released a trailer of the 1 hour special which featured an unknown form of Goku which is identical to Ultra Instinct Omen but have some Red ki in it. See the video of it below:

Goku Ultra Instinct

Fans were  really curious about this form which they like to call as Limit Breaker, though we don’t have any official name for it. We here at Omnitos have a theory for this, let me explain it.

In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, we saw Goku dodging attacks of kefla effortlessly just like water.

Also, Whis stated that Goku has mastered defensive skills in Ultra Instinct form but is lacking attacking power and skills. While the form Goku currently posses has a blue Aura, what if the blue Aura actually reflects Defense as blue color is used to show water’s calmness and softness.

Also, there is no doubt that Jiren is capable of using Ultra Instinct, Jiren has a red ki and we have seen that his defense is bit week as he let his guard down during the fight with Hit and also while fighting Goku but his fighting skills are incomparable.

What if Red Ki reflects Attacking skills as red color is mostly used for rage, fire and anger.

This also explains why alleged Limit Breaker has 2 Auras Red & Blue simultaneously as Goku will master both skills that are Fighting And Defense under Ultra Instinct.

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