Will Piccolo turn Namekian God?

Will Piccolo turn Namekian God?

This is a big question- Will Piccolo turn Namekian God? Can the Namek survive this arc without attaining god form? And how does that happen? Goku and Vegita have surpassed almost everyone on earth even the ones who were almost impossible to beat. God ki is not something everyone has… so how does Piccolo turns God? See in this Fan made Video by respective Mastar Media:



There is a strong chance that Piccolo and dende merge and attain the first Namekian god form. This arc is not the mainstream fight but battle of the best of the universes! Piccolo has no chance to stand if he doesn’t have a power up. The makers of Dragon Ball Super will most defiantly try to make the ground even for as much as possible.

How powerful will Piccolo in god form will be?

I guess he may be a match to ssj blue but it will be unfair to make him beyond that. Come on, Goku and Vegita worked their asses off to reach that form and one fusion should not get piccolo more power than them.

Toriyama has always made interesting by introduction of new players or powering up the present players. So I speculate shit is going to be between ssj 3 and ssj blue but I will defiantly appreciate if he gets the auto healing power!

Vegita turned down the training with whis come on! Emotions getting over vegita? Now anything can happen!

The tournament is going to have a lot of powerful opponent, and piccolo without any powerup will be nothing but waste, we all saw how powerful guys are in the new trailer, even ssj blues are out matched apparently.

Piccolo may just get stronger and that will defiantly be one heck of a advantage when Gohan trains with him.

Accept it no matter what, we all want to see Gohan great again too.



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