Wonder Egg Priority Episode 10: Release Date and Preview

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 10: Release Date and Preview

With the release of the new episode coming out every week, fans are loving Wonder Egg Priority. We hope that you are reading this article after watching previous episodes of the series. To learn something new the girls visited Neiru’s company where they found out that Neiru is a member of Japan Plati. After knowing that Neiru is born via artificial insemination, Momo realizes because of this only Neiru never had a parent.

The show is at its finale stage and Rika stills wonders no one is telling who Neiru’s parents are. Come let’s find out how Neiru is going to find about his parents.

Neiru says she is just paring done artificially and so it is pointless to look for her parents.  On reaching the floor B1 Neiru introduces everyone to his pet Adam. Looking at the huge infrastructure of the company Riku can not believe in his eyes. As soon as Neiru tries to say something to the girls, Momo interferes and told Rika that it is time.

Episode 10: Release Date

Wonder Egg Priority is scheduled to release on Wednesday, 17th March 2024. The series can be watched on AnimeLab and Funimation. Funimation is the streaming platform that is usually preferred by fans.


Previously on Episode 9 of Wonder Egg Priority

Rika with her other friends started to paint their nails and while doing so they discussed their careers. Neiru is seen quite bothered about something, she is just sitting and listening to all the other girls. When it comes to Neiru telling about her career she says she is always going to remain like this. Neiru adds by saying she wants to introduce her friends to all of them.

She took everyone to a secret room when they see a girl kept in a container. Neiru reveals that she is Kotobuki Awano and she was also born just like her. Girls are wondering about the color of Awano to which Neiru replies, Awano is Albino. Albino means someone who brings good fortune.

Near-Death Experiments

Neiru says she enjoys the company of Awano, she likes to spend time with her. Girls wonder why is she kept in a container, Neiru says Awano is in a vegetative state. She used to be a psychiatry doctor and was working on analyzing mysteries of life. During this time is performed a near-death experiment, and she was not able to come back. Near-Death experiments mean when scientists try to solve very difficult problems.

Neiru says she met Awano in an Egg Dream and they became good friends. Neiru tells everyone about the day when she first met with Awano, when she first saw Awano on the other side of the world she was playing with her pink pet snake.

Neuri is the protector of Awano. The Haters and the Seeno Evils arrive to fight Neiru. Hawk is the leader of this army. Neiru asks Awano why she never wants to come back to which Awano replies that she want to prove to the world that the parallel world does exist.

Awano says Neiru that if she ever performs a near-death experiment she will die and then there will be no one to save them in the real world. Awano says never allow anyone to take his body, Neiro says to protect her till her last breath. Mr.Hawk continues to launch explosives. Somehow Neiru and Awano get back in a safe situation, but Awano falls unconscious.

Awano wakes up after some time, Neiru is angry with Awano and says dying is not a joke. As this conversation was going on Mr.Hawk arrives and starts attacking them. He tries to capture Awano using his magnet, but Neiru uses his blade and kills Mr.Hawk. Since that day Awano is in a vegetative state.

Further, what is going to happen we will see in the next episode of Wonder Egg Priority.