Word of Honor BL Drama: Everything You Need to Know

Boys Love (BL) dramas are becoming quite popular nowadays. It has now become a common trend and people now also find it likable to watch. This trend is now welcomed by Chinese people and they have also started making drama on this concept. From 2020 only Boys Love drama has got the full swing.

People have started buying rights to many new titles. Now, this Chinese drama word of honor has caught everyone’s attention for now. Now coming to our topic Word of Honor BL Drama: Everything you Need to Know.

The show has got a good rating and amazing reviews in regards to the episode that has been released till now. The drama is inspired by the novel “the priest’s novel”. The original writer is also known as the best of all time.

Not only this much but the drama is currently rated as one of the highest in the BL genre.  The score of the show is 8.6 and got over 200,000 reviews.


Word of Honor Release Date

The show got released on February 22, 2024, on Youku’s original network. The releases at 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Word of Honor is a historical friendship mystery drama. The other names given to the novel are Tian Ya Ke, Shanhe Ling, A Tail Of Wanderers. Gong Jun and Zhang Zhe Han are the lead actors of the show. The director of the show is none other than John Ma and the screenwriting is done by Xia Chu.

The drama has a total of 36 episodes that are released every day of the week. Word of Honor Chinese BL Drama: Everything You Need To Know

The plot of Word of Honor

It follows the story of Zhou Zishu and Wen Kixeng for finding a legendary treasure. Zhou quits his job and enters the martial art world. He was a former leader at an organization tasked with the protection of royalty. After entering into the martial arts world he soon finds himself in the middle of some conspiracy and worried about this. Later on, he gets to meet with Wen Kixeng in his journey. Wen Kixeng is also a master in martial artist but a mysterious one and also very powerful. He escaped from the ghost valley, but his life is not good as it seems. He is broken from inside. His only motive is to take revenge for the death of his parents. Because of this sole motive, he escaped from the ghost valley. Zhou Zishu and Wen Kixeng became good friends and together they both go on a journey to find the legendary treasure.

Facing so many challenges along the journey and with so many new adventures the series is very amazing to watch.

Word of Honor: Where to Watch the Show

The show got released on the Youku streaming service and you can watch it there. The drama is available on many unofficial sites also. You can watch them on these sites with English subtitles. Word of Honor is available on other sites such as trolldrama.com, kissasians.org, dramacool.onl, medium.com, etc. You can easily get access to all these mentioned sites and stream them online and also with English subtitles.