World Trigger Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date and Preview

In World Trigger Season 2, The Meeden Base is safe after the attack of the Galopoula squad and they retreat. While Reghi doesn’t want to retreat and face the Horn Trigger, Hyuse. As he doesn’t want to head back empty-handed but, he got defeated with a single blow. Reghi realizes that Hyuse uses Afto’s Enhanced Trigger. While Jin promises to help Hyuse return home.

At the base the next day, Katori comments that she gets a cube and if she activates the spider. She is teaching Osami how to make a cube by activating the spider. In the meantime, Chika learns how to use black-lighting. Later Izumi told Osamu that he is going to the commander of the next match in World Trigger Season 2.

World Trigger Season 2


World Trigger Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date

Expected release of World Trigger Season 2 Episode 6 on Sunday 14th February. While you can watch the World Trigger officially on Crunchyroll. Every weekend there is some news about upcoming World Trigger Season 2 episodes.

Figure Out What happened in Earlier Episodes

Sakurato Taketomi from Ebina Squad addresses the Border agent. While the other two commentators are Tokieda from Arashima Squad and he reveals that after the result of today’s daytime match. They performed very well.

Tamakoma-2, Tokieda announces a newcomer Tamakoma 2. As it has been a while since Katori and Kakizaki faced off. Katori squad is always on the top group Izumi asks Taketomi if they will drop to middle because of Tamakoma. Then She agrees and continues to replace Katori with Tamakona 2 who advances to round 3.

World Trigger Season 2

Taketomi is afraid about if Katori shows their top group team able to turn the tables out. Kakazaki squad dropped to the bottom after losing in round 3 and rejoined in the middle group in round 4 on World Trigger Season 2.

Hyuse made it in time with Yatari and Jin to the hall and Jin says that they are about to start. While Tamakoma 2 is in the strategy room and Osamu comments that they can analyze the opponent’s tactics. Osamu reveals that Katori squad is an ace focused team. Osamu also reveals that Kakzaki is equipped for close combat and shooting While Osamu comments that they are no snipers in the opposing teams.

Kuga comments it’s perfect for Osamu new tactics. As other squads also analyze their tactics. Taketomi announces that B-Rank round 5 is going to start, while all squads begin transmission. The battle started and Osamu told his squad to stick to the plan. Katori and Kuga clash with each other in one on one battle.

She thinks, she will win. Taketomi comment that it is an ace on an ace battle. Osamu uses a spider technique for Kuga to have an advantage when attacking enemies.

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