Writer of Tiger & Bunny Reveals About New Anime: RE-MAIN


The writer of Tiger & Bunny reveals About New Anime: RE-MAIN

As the winter Anime season is coming to an end and the beginning of new anime series in the horizon. The list of upcoming series is very big, some of the most trending series that is going to be released are Edens Zero, Fruit Basket Season 3, My Hero Academia Season 5 and the list goes on. The writer of Tiger & Bunny reveals about their new anime: RE-MAIN. Looking at the work of MAPPA’s we can see some of the very fine series from their studio. Recently MAPPA has confirmed their next project, which is a sports drama anime titled RE-MAIN. Masafumi Nishida the writer of the very popular series Tiger & Bunny is working on this series.

This is based on Water Polo. The title release was done this weekend. It will be an original sports drama series. Masafumi Nishida will be leading the team as a chief director not only he will also act as a series script supervisor, scriptwriter, and audio director. The funding of the show is done by BANDAI NAMCO Arts. It is a game company that in the past has funded several anime. Besides this MAPPA will only be a production studio.

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Plot For Season 1

As we told earlier the anime is an original story there is not much to discuss the plot. MAPPA revealed that this drama is going to follow the story of Shimizu Minato, one of the very talented players of water polo. After a tragic incident happened with him he left the sport. After coming to Yamanami High School, being forced by several new friends he starts playing again. To continue playing he must deal with his traumas of the past. Only by doing so he could again become a good player and help his team to win matches.

About The Release of RE-MAIN

BANDAI NAMCO Arts the producer of the anime has released the official website on 5th March 2024, which is named RE-MAIN.  On the website, we can see about the cast, plot, staff, and a teaser visual. No official release date is announced yet, but it has been listed for 2024. So we can expect it anytime soon.

Cast of RE-MAIN

The writer also revealed the cast. The list of cast members includes Minato Kiyomizu, Eitara Oka, Yuzuru Shiroshima, and Chinu Kawakubo. The name is also provided on their website.

About The Characters

Minato Kiyoizu who was once a competitive water polo player is shown as the protagonist in the drama. We see that Minato is being voiced by Yuutu Uemura. Eitaro Oka is shown as a junior of Minato in the middle school, who followed him. Koutarou Nishimiya is seen voicing him who has also worked in many anime. Chinu Kawakubo is well known in the media for her acting skills. She is also aware of Minato’s past. Chinu is getting voiced by Lynn who previously worked in Keijo.

Director Kiyoshi Matsuda is working very hard on this anime at MAPPA. Matsuda’s previous works consist of  Kuma Miko: Girls Meets Bear, Banana Fish, Never Fly, etc. Cloud Gather Animation will be converting character concepts into animation.

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