Like superheroes and comic books, the main character in anime has to face impossible odds and then beat them. Now, video games are more like movies than they are like anime. Here are the Best Anime Games for Xbox One (also compatible for PS4, PC, and Switch), whether you’re new to anime or have been watching it for years.


Best Anime Games For Xbox One

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris

After the most recent season of Sword Art Online came out, Bandai Namco wanted to cash in on the show’s popularity by making a game that was loosely based on it. It follows the anime story to some extent, but there are still gaps and changes from the main plot. The combat is a mix of traditional action-RPG elements and a more strategic approach to boss fights.

Attack On Titan 2

On PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, the action-packed series keeps going. To avoid getting hit by the upgraded Titan, players can use multi-dimensional motion technology to move more quickly and precisely.

Players will have to fly into battle with the cruel Titans. So, knowing how to use this gear is important if you want to stay alive on the battlefield.

By doing things like “Rescuing,” “Restoring,” and “Transforming into Titan,” you can help other warriors and give them the power of a huge Titan. The Titans will be a tough opponent for the reconnaissance team because they are working on new attacks and moves. For such an exciting game, it’s preferred that there are no lags while playing. To avoid lags, you can use a VPN like VeePN for Xbox. Not only does VeePN give a lag-free gaming experience but also provides protection from DDoS attacks.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

The saga of Naruto’s adolescent Uzumaki comes to a close. The Great War was split into chapters, and each chapter had at least one game screen and one or more cutscenes. At each level, new goals are set, which makes the games more intense and difficult. By following the plans, players will be able to get unique items that will let them get to the game’s secret content.

When you finish the game, you can also use new characters in other types of games. Aside from the Story Mode, there are different types of games to play in the game.

In this game for Xbox, in Adventure mode, players will take part in an adventure that takes place after the war. They will help others by doing chores and getting rewards. In Online Battles, gamers from all over the world will be able to fight against each other online. On the other hand, Free Battles is a great game where players can have fun with their friends or train with AI.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The game is based on Dragon Ball Z. Even though the design is strange and a little rough, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is good enough to meet the needs of fans. Fans will want to play the game for a long time because of how quickly it moves, how beautiful the fighting is, and how the goals change.

Players will take on the role of a main character who works for the Time Patrol group and can be changed in any way they want. In this edition, gamers will no longer be limited by fairness or justice. Instead, they will be free to do whatever they want. You might even decide to follow Frieza and help him take over the whole universe.

Code Vein

Have you ever wished you could play an anime version of Dark Souls? Code Vein is a great game where you can live out your dream of dying over and over again as an anime character. Seriously, Code Vein is a great game that many people don’t play because it’s hard to learn. The game has a great story with multiple endings, great characters with different backstories, and amazing moves that make it feel like Anime x Souls.

One Piece: Burning Blood

One Piece: Burning Blood is a fun mix of manga, anime, and video games. Due to One Piece’s detailed plot, the game’s beautiful graphics have brought the characters’ personalities back to life, as if they were walking right out of a story.

Spike Chunsoft’s One Piece: Burning Blood is based on the huge world of One Piece. The fast-paced gameplay and unique features of the manga of the same name will give players a unique experience.

The fighting system in the game shows off the skills of each character. The Devil Fruits and “Haki” have also been brought back to life, and they can now be used to make powerful, precise attacks.

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus is like DMC and Bayonetta, with a touch of the Persona series thrown in for good measure. It’s a JRPG with a lot of action and two main characters. Each of the two main characters has a 20-hour campaign. The paths of their stories do sometimes cross. It’s a little different. You’ll meet new people as you go through the campaign, and by the end, you’ll know a lot more about the world and its history.

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness

This game, which is based on the popular anime Psycho-Pass, can tell a lot about a person’s quality of life and mental and emotional health. It can also tell if a person is likely to become a criminal and how stressed they are. When the Sibyl system picks up on criminals, the police will kill them right away.

In Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness, you can choose between two characters: Nadeshiko Kugatachi, a calm and decisive inspector whose memories have been erased, or Takuma Tsurugi, a hurried investigator looking for a strangely missing childhood friend. As a police officer, you’ll have to deal with many complicated cases and situations, and each choice you make will affect how the game ends.

This is a roundup of our favorite anime video games to play on Xbox. Don’t forget to enjoy them to the fullest by installing and using VeePN for a lag-free gaming experience.