AnimeJapan 2024 is Back after 2 years
AnimeJapan 2024 is Back after 2 years

Finally some good news regarding the AnimeJapan 2024 event which was canceled due to the Ongoing Global Pandemic. Fans around the world have eagerly waited for over 2 years to hear an official statement from AnimeJapan and here it is. Today we will look into the details provided from the official website on the AnimeJapan 2024 event.


Back After 2 Years

AnimeJapan 2024

AimeJapan is coming back to Tokyo Big Sight after 2 long years. The Global Pandemic has been a struggle for many people in both mental health and physical health. When times are tough we must look forward and expect the good times to provide happiness. AnimeJapan did exactly that, After coming into an agreement with their respective organizers they have officially agreed to keep the event in Tokyo.

The team has stated that the event will take place in both methods offline as well as online. The public days are said to be held offline in person on 27th and 28th March 2024. Similarly, the business days will be held during the 29th and 30th March 2024. Although a few public events will be held online for the global anime fans who may not be able to physically attend the event.

AnimeJapan2024 Back after 2 years! Offline x Online

Initially, the AnimeJapan 2020 event was supposed to take place in March. But the Japanese Government has laid restrictions prohibiting the occurrence of such events due to the rapidly spreading virus. In February the entire event was finally called off leaving fans in a complete loss as they were very eagerly expecting the event to take place.

The theme for AnimeJapan 2024 is very simple and effective, the theme is based on “Connection”. They have also chosen the Number –  8 to be their symbol as it represents “Infinity” when tilted horizontally. The amount of thought put behind the theme is simply mind-blowing.

What to expect from AnimeJapan 2024?

AnimeJapan 2020 (formerly Tokyo International Anime Fair)

The event can be categorized into 2 main slots. One is offline content which involves a physical event. This will consist of Exhibitor booths and AnimeJapan stages. These 2 offline events are interactive sessions via talk panels and much more.

They will be accommodating numerous exhibitor booths to have a wider range of selection. The Offline booth will have top-notch latest anime news as well as anime titles. The Anime stages have been planned to consist of talks with voice actors and the latest anime news updates as well. A total of 40 stages are said to span over the time period of 2 days.

AnimeJapan 2020 (formerly Tokyo International Anime Fair)

The online event is mainly focusing on the business side of the event. The website claims that close to 30 countries visit japan for business deals and negotiation during the AnimeJapan events.

As their motto states “Connection”, AnimeJapan is going to make a few public events online as well. This initiative is to connect Otakus/weebs around the globe to witness this unique event. As for the offline meet, AnimeJapan will make sure to follow the utmost hygiene and health protocols during the event to prevent the widespread of Covid-19.

That’s all for today fellow weebs. Yet another informative blog comes to an end.

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