Atomic Heart Sci-Fi RPG: What We Know So Far, Release Date, Plot, Maps
Atomic Heart Sci-Fi RPG: What We Know So Far, Release Date, Plot, Maps

Atomic Heart is an upcoming action role play game by Russian Studio Mundfish. Mundfish Developers caught everyone’s attention way back in 2019 when they released the first trailer of the game. The trailer created a huge hype among the gaming community. And from 2019 the game was always in the headlines for its trailer and development.

Trailers such as ray-tracing, gameplay teaser, cinematography trailer, boss fight, and a lot more. Gamers are eagerly waiting for the game to come out. It looks like the Mundfish are not gonna stop teasing their fans.  A few days back they again launched a trailer of that game. You must be wondering what’s in that trailer? Further in the article, we will tell you Atomic Heart Sci-Fi RPG: What We Know So Far.

The game is set in an alternate reality in Russia. The game is a mixture of high-tech futuristic weapons with classic fighting like old times. From small guns to big machine guns it got everything. A lot more development inside the game is seen throughout the time. Let’s know about the plot of the game. Atomic Heart Sci-Fi RPG: What We Know So Far.


Atomic Heart Plot

We already told you that the game is set in Russia but alternate reality. It’s the future where the earth has already seen the invention of Hologram, modern robots, and much more. The robots have become so smart that now they have planned to go against the human race and take control. A type of technical revolution is seen in the game.

Your role in the game is of an agent named p-3 and you have to investigate a manufacturing unit.  The government has found some issues in this factory and sent you to look into it. The best part starts now when you reach there, you see the place is full of zombies and robots attacking you simultaneously. Also, there are many traps placed around to stop you. You have to overcome all these hurdles and find the reason behind them.

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Weapons and Maps

You will get a lot of customization options for your weapons and you will be able to craft your unique weapons. You can use various robots’ spare parts to create them. There is no much clarity on how this crafting system would work. This feature will be one of the features to look out for.

Fan wonders will be able to roam across the map and explore Russia or not. We don’t have any news regarding this. But developers have given us the hint that there are chances you can explore one section of the map once. This is because covering a map like Russia is not an easy task. This was all we know about Atomic Heart Sci-Fi RPG: What We Know So Far.

A Full VR Game Launch

Sadly the game wouldn’t be fully playable in VR, we know this is a piece of sad news for all VR gamers. But there is something good, some of its aspects would be playable on VR. Mudfish have clearly stated that they have no plans to launch the game completely in VR.

Atomic Heart Release Date

The developers have not announced the release date yet, but there strong belief that the game will get released in 2024. We have to wait until the developers release the game.

Do watch the gameplay of Atomic Heart