Manga fans are on the edge of their seats for Attack on Titan Chapter 138, the penultimate chapter of the Manga. The long-running manga, Shingeki no kyojinor better known as Attack on Titan is coming to an end. If you haven’t read Attack on Titan chapter 137 yet then there are spoilers ahead. You have been warned. Let’s take a dive into the world of titans.

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Attack on Titans Chapter 138: Release Date

As for the Attack on Titan Chapter 138, it’s set to come on 9th March 2024. Since the manga chapter is released on the 9th of every month, we can expect the same for chapter 138. As for the Final chapter i.e., Chapter 139 9th April will be the day this 11-year journey comes to the end. If there are any changes this article will be updated so that you won’t miss out on any action.

With rumbling and the war finally coming to its end, after Zeke’s and Armin escape from the path. Eren Loses control of all the titans and the explosion from the Colossal titan led to make believe that Eren is gone for good.

But is Eren really dead? is the biggest question in the minds of every AOT fan. So far there are no spoilers surfaced for chapter 138, but will keep you updated as soon as they come.

Where to read:

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 and other chapters are available to read on the official websites, here’s a link for the same:

Kodansha Comics


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Attack on Titans Chapter 137: Recap

Attack on Titan Chapter 137 “Titans” brings the rumbling to an end. We still don’t know what’s going to happen after the dust settles, but chapter 137 cleared some things. Finally, we see Zeke who was last seen in chapter 120. When Zeke catches Eren’s decapitated head, they both reach the path. Where they meet Ymir and fight for who will be in command. As we all know Eren wins and Ymir brings him back to the physical world, where Eren starts the rumbling.

Chapter 137 shows Zeke talking about the existence of humans and life forms and their purpose. Armin is also thereafter a close death encounter and tries to remind Zeke that there is more to life. This makes Zeke realize and they were able to escape path with other subjects of Ymir they previously knew.

Zeke puts himself in front of Levi and Levi without any hesitation decapitates the last inheritor of the beast titan. bringing one Yeager brother to the end of the line. Pieck sets explosives around Eren’s nape upon activation separated Eren’s neck from the founding titans’ spine. Reiner’s Armored Titan prevents the founding titans’ spine from reattaching itself to Eren.

Attack On Titan Chapter 137

Attack on Titan Chapter 137 ends with Armin saying goodbye to his friend Eren before he transforms into the Colossal Titan for the one last time, to put everything to an end with an explosion.

Attack On Titan Chapter 137

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