Avowed Video Game Reveals Gameplay, Release Date and Rumors

Obsidian Entertainment is known for its games like Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas, Dungeon Siege III, and south park. While the Avowed game is also under the same studio. But, Pillars Of Eternity is the next big thing in the market.  While this game is being compared with popular games in the market. The studio is getting applause with its work in the RPG section, with the unique twist they add to these games.

The success of Previous games from the studio is creating a lot of hype for the fans. The first glimpse of the Avowed game grabbed everyone’s attention. We will tries speculate the release date of this game, so were are here. Let’s start


Avowed Game Trailer


Obsidian Entertainment announces the game trailer at the Xbox Games showcase last year. This trailer will give the players a cinematic dive into their world. The trailers shine with the dark environment and ominous music. The trailer starts with lit arrows that were used in the war and these will guide to open a world for the player inside the upcoming Avowed.

Here is the trailer of Avowed

with the voice-over speaking about wars, which refeclts the game main theme. But, at the end of the trailer you can find out that the game is to be played from FPP. while the player holds sword in one hand and purple colored magic in other hand. Though gameplay of this game is not revealed, we believe that trailer is still enough to hype us.

Release Date 

Unfortunately, there is no news on the release date for the game. Many fans believe that the release date could be years away as the studio busy with other works. Over more than 100 people are working on this game and its being developed fro two years now. While the rumoured target date of this game might come out in 2024 or 2024.


Avowed Gamplay

From the trailer, we have only one thing in our hands that this game is FPP. On the other hand there are some rumors that this game will have elements from skyrim. But, there is a job listing from Avowed or Grounded remain a mystery. While the job listing includes “Combat with an emphasis on an exceptional first person meele” and “Combat actions utilizing both first and third person animations”.

Though there are many rumours about this game and not yet confirmed but interesting to look at

Avowed Gameplay

If we just look ad these rumors, they will say that open world of Avowed will be much bigger than its comparison of Skyrim. Not only in size but a matter of fact, this will have much denser world. Especially with next-gen AI Systems, the game is also rumoured to have real time weather system.

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