Back Arrow Episode 7: In the wake of overcoming Kai with the assistance of Shuu, the group keeps on moving towards the opposite side of the divider. On their way, Eisha’s wellbeing began to break down. She was unable to utilize her Brightheight well, and Shuu chose to help her.

Back Arrow Episode 7

They turned the boat to programmed for Eisha to be dealt with. Gramps is stressed over Eisha’s wellbeing; he wishes they ought to have remained in the town. In any case, he understands that the town is no more; they should go to the opposite side of the divider.

Back Arrow Episode 7 will be released on Saturday, February 20, 2023, at midnight JST. Back Arrow will continue delivering new episodes each Saturday. Attempt Back Arrow at and watch it on AnimeLab and Funimation.


Beforehand on Back Arrow Episode 6

Ren visited him and inquired as to why and he said he merits this, yet he will utilize this embarrassment to further enable his conviction. Clergyman Kyo visited Kai and revealed to him that he is merely burning through his time.

Kai inquires why the clergyman of protection is here, and Kyo remark s that the two neglected Shuu’s traitorousness while next to him. Kyo remarks that Ren is additionally liable for permitting Shuu to getaway.

Kai revealed to Kyo not to rebuff Ren. Kyo comments that it isn’t his place to choose and Kai said the clergyman is likewise accountable for weapons and improvement, not Rens’ destiny. Kyo uncovers that executive Tae made him Head Diviner also.

He additionally said he must tidy up after Shu’s wreck, and the previous evening, ruler Zetsu left to manage the revolutionaries in the west. Tae is currently holding the most force in the capital, and nobody can challenge him.

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Walston Kingdom

Ren remarks that once everything is finished, she will acknowledge her discipline, and she wants the backstabber to be executed. Kyo comments that it won’t work until they realize the capital is protected, Tae will not convey the military.

Ren pledges that she will demonstrate that Shu was answerable for that lie. Kyo remarks that it isn’t Ren’s obligation and her destiny will be chosen in three days. Ren can do whatever she enjoys in the capital for three days, yet she should admirably utilize her opportunity.

Ren expresses gratitude toward Kyo and remarks that she will utilize three days. It left the two, and Kai asks Kyo what does he think he is.

While Arrow and others have halted at a close-by town, and Atlee is looking for them. They figure out how to chase and gather more natural products, water, and nourishment for their excursion. Shuu uncovers that they have figured out how to sidestep Luton.

Back Arrow Episode 7 Preview