This past year has been total haywire for The CW. Due to the pandemic, shows were ended before the season finale. The CW had to make adjustments in the storyline also affecting no. of episodes and premiere dates. But the shows have resumed staring with Batwoman, will be followed by superman & Lois and flash, and later with supergirl and backlighting. All the fans would be wondering where are the legends? don’t worry this post is all about The CW’s Legends of tomorrow. So let’s dive into the temporal zone without any delay.

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Legends of Tomorrow: Release Date?

So far there’s no official announcement as to when Our legends will be back. But it is presumed to premiere around summer 2023, Maybe with supergirl season 6. As for the production, it’s underway. Caity Lotz who plays Sara Lance posted a video on her Instagram handle, her stunt rehearsals, and also confirmed that she is also directing an episode. In recent news, it’s revealed that Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 8 ” Stressed Western” will be directed by David Ramsey who portrayed John Diggle on The Arrow.

The sixth season of Legends of Tomorrow, based on characters from DC Comics, will premiere on The CW in 2023 and consist of 15 episodes.

The cast for season 6:

Over the years fans have seen many changes to the cast of Legends of Tomorrow. As we know many of the main or the original legends are gone. Sara Lance and Mick Rori are the only legends left after the latest exit of Ray Palmer/ Brandon Routh.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6
Image By The CW

As for Season 6 Caity Lotz/Sara Lance, Dominic Purcell/Mick Rory, Nick Zano/Nate Heywood, Jes Macallan/Ava Sharpe, Matt Ryan/John Constantine, and Tala Ashe/Zari Tarazi will be seen in action. Apart from these Shayan Sobhian/Behrad, Olivia Swann/Astra, and Adam Tsekhman/Gary Green are promoted to series regular. Lisseth Chavez will be joining the cast of Legends of Tomorrow as Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz.

What to Expect from Legends of Tomorrow: Season 6?

We have seen the Legends fighting fate for the freedom of the world. The Last scene hinted at what is next to come. Sara Lance is abducted by the aliens. Apart from the aliens, Gary Green is another mystery. No one knows the origin of Gary and how he came to be a part of Time Bureau? this season might give something to fans in this regard.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6
Image by The CW

Co-showrunner Phil Klemmer in an interview with Entertainment Weekly has revealed what is to come next. He says ” there will be a whole motley assortment of aliens. If these were all Dominators, it would get a little repetitive, so we want to do the same thing we did for magical creatures but for aliens.”

Phil also hinted that there will be romance also for this season. Since last season we saw sparks between our new Zari and Constantine, so fans can expect the story to evolve.

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