Bad And Crazy Episode 5

With dramas like Jirisan & Chimera done and dusted Kdrama fans are looking for the next best thriller. Luckily Bad & Crazy, a mystery-crime drama with a hint of comedy has just started airing. Two dashing young men who are the complete opposite of each other acting as leads. But in fact are the same person! This crazy, action-packed detective mystery has everything you need! Bad & Crazy Episode 5 will be released soon, but first, let’s catch up on what has gone by.



Recap of 3rd & 4th Episode

Bad & crazy episode 3 explains some of the crazy happenings till now. Specifically that Soo Yeol has another personality that he confused for the lunatic. This alternate personality named K is responsible for kicking assemblyman Do. Just after attacking Do, Soo comes to his senses but is very confused. He sees K and decides to give chase. Turns out Soo is unaware of his other personality and continues to think someone is after him. While he gets manipulated into handcuffing himself. Meanwhile, the assemblyman is pissed and asks the commissioner what’s he up to.


Fortunately for him, the commissioner knows nothing and it’s decided to bury this incident. Hee gyeom turns up to help Soo get rid of the handcuffs. But when he starts talking about K she thinks he has lost it. She confronts him regarding the necklace and he tells her what he saw. But on revealing he no longer has the necklace she feels dejected.

After playing a game of cat and mouse with the officers who try to find Soo, the 2 look all over his place but don’t find it.In a surprising twist of faith, Soo finds his mom wearing the pendant when he visits her! Turns out his bro got it from the black-market. Now he has proof but it’s not enough. Soo  & Hee join hands to dig deeper into the assemblyman who is shown asking help from the drug givers. In all this mess, Do wastes no time in using his connections to stop Soo. Who is in such dire position that he ends up apologizing and begging Do to stop!

Kyung tae on the other hand is awake and after the corrupt officer. He manages to catch him off guard and get proof against assemblyman Do. After which episode 4 starts with him contacting an embarrassed Soo. they end up meeting and he gives Soo a recording of Do as proof.


But it still doesn’t clarify that Do murdered the woman so it’s just circumstantial evidence. They look at each other defeated while Kyung apologises. unknown to him, Soo makes a call to the assemblyman. Who already wanted to go after Kyung knowing he had evidence.

Kyung feels betrayed but can do nothing while Do beats the shit out of him. Ultimately he pisses of Do so much that he confesses killing the woman after which he gets kicked by Soo. Its then revealed that this was a staged ploy to catch the assemblyman by Soo, Kyung & Hee. They had a camera attached to Soo and the confession was good proof.

They ultimately end the case but the drug dealers seem to have other plans. While Hee & her colleagues are shifting Do from one prison to the other due to a threat to his life, they get attacked. She is the only one left alive at the end.

Bad & Crazy Episode 5 is to start with murder accusations on Hee.

Bad & Crazy Episode 5

Expectations From Bad & Crazy Episode 5

Bad & Crazy Episode 5 will start at a sombre note, with Hee being accused of killing all her colleagues. It seems ridiculous to blame her just because she survived. But it seems even more mysterious to think about why only she was left alive?

Bad & Crazy Episode 5 will take us to the darker side of the story and the threat from the drug dealers. Bad & Crazy Episode 5 may also give us more insight on Hee & what kinda relationship she and Soo shared earlier.  And perhaps we will see Soo learn to deal with K.


There is an awful lot to expect from Bad & Crazy Episode 5 but with the ever twisting plotline and excellent acting, it’s definitely going to be a fun ride!

So buckle up and tune in to watch Bad & Crazy Episode 5.

When And Where To Watch Bad & Crazy Episode 5

‘Bad and Crazy’ Episode 5 will release on December 31, 2024, and will be available to watch on the streaming platform iQIYI.