There have been ample crime thrillers with the usual detective vs criminals, cat and mouse chase. So now Through the Darkness brings a refreshing new change. Based on the autobiography by Korea’s first criminal profiler, Kwon Il Yong and journalist-turned-author Ko Na Mu. The autobiography explains details about his job and experiences.

After doing an amazing job in the Fiery Priest, Kim Nam Gil returns with Through the Darkness with a role quite the opposite of his former one. From a goofy priest to a profiler with immense emotional control. He has done an impeccable job portraying how difficult the job of a profiler is. Which makes this Kdrama definitely worth a watch.

But if he’s not enough to convince you then let us look at the other reasons to watch Through The Darkness.


1. Shows The Advent Of Criminal Profiling

The story takes place in a time when heinous crimes were just starting to pop up everywhere. Crimes without any purpose nor any obvious provocations. Then in the 1990s the ‘Red Cap’ criminal showed up.

Without Criminal Profiling and no proper evidence, it was like running around cluelessly. But then we see Ha-young who later becomes a profiler, apply a different method. He starts to analyze the attacks and decipher his personality.

The approach to understanding the mind of a criminal and why is it effective is skillfully shown. The no. 1 reason to watch Through the Darkness is how they showcase the introduction of one of the most effective methods to catch criminals.

It was almost miraculous how they managed to figure out about the people they met for the first time. I think one of the biggest reason to watch through the darkness is to go through this graphic journey of understanding Criminal profiling & psychology. Added to that the show has some of the best interrogation scenes, with intense mindgames which are sure to give joy to every watcher with how cleverly executed they are.

Also, this show has some of the best interrogation scenes, with intense mindgames which are sure to give joy to every watcher with how cleverly executed they are.

2. Engaging Performance By The Entire Cast

From a somber Nam Gil to the evergreen Heo Gil Pyo, every actor had such an aura that will totally envelop the viewers. Another reason to watch through the darkness has to be the absolutely magnificent and engaging acting of the cast.

Special mention must be given to every guy playing the criminals, they manifested the characters. Their evil demeanours, smug grins, disgusting acts and deplorable reasoning made it difficult to not want them dead.


The actor playing Nam Ki Tae was especially scary, it wouldn’t be difficult to confuse him for a real criminal. Meanwhile, our leads Nam & Jin were extremely convincing in their approach. Especially, Nam despite not being expressive his eyes carried all the emotions.

The seniors as well as the co-actors acting aloof to becoming appreciative of the Behavioural Team was really heartwarming to watch. If the plot doesn’t strike a chord, I will still ask you to check it out keeping the reason to watch as this amazing cast definitely doesn’t disappoint.

3. Commentary On The Media which  cares only about sensational and eye-catching news

Another reason to watch Through the darkness would be the extremely realistic display of the media, journalists. As citizens of the digital age, we know the media loves putting up news that catches the eye no matter how hurtful it maybe.

Sometimes even bluffs and rumours find their place on news channels and newspapers as long as they can grab enough attention. Especially in the case of murder/assault/rape victims. Everyone is interested in the criminal, his reason, thoughts, punishment etc. But very rarely do they express condolence to the dead or their bereaved families.

Through the darkness, also follows a journalist with a heart who covers the pain of the bereaved families. While also asking whether the society has learnt any lessons from the cases or just enjoy the frenzied atmosphere it causes, only to forget it soon.

4. Heartwarming and emotional moments/musical scores

The scenes of Ha-young sympathizing with the bereaved, not saying much, but with his actions showing how much he truly cares. The last but most important reason to watch Through the darkness is its emotion heavy atmosphere.

The gut-wrenching pain and horror that one goes through learning about the horrific crimes which are in fact based on true stories. The anger which the profilers contain to get what they want out of the criminal. The anguish of the bereaved families and the supposed relief their punishment brings.

Finally, a reminder that after the dark light comes. That no matter how hopeless the world becomes kindness will still exist. There will be kind people like the profilers who will willingly go through hell just to bring justice to the victims.

To accompany this heavy drama we have some effortlessly serene yet emotional costs like the lullaby that will definitely make one cry.