Are you worried that your teenage daughter or son may be into some trouble? Use an iMessage tracker to check their texts and call records easily. This should help you find out what they are doing.

This guide will show you how to do it effectively using the top 5 tools.


Can You Read iMessages?

Yes. Thanks to technological advancement, it’s possible and easy using spy apps.

A spy app is a software that allows users to see someone else’s phone messages and call records via iPhone keylogger without touching their phones. The application is installed on the target phone and connected to one’s phone. It collects the necessary information and sends you the tracking.

These apps offer features/check information like:

  • Phone’s specific location
  • Checking SMS, social media chats, emails, and messenger messages
  • Check call logs/history
  • Access phone book
  • See what the target is typing on their phone.

You do not need to steal their passwords or hack something. The apps are simply for spying. The applications run hidden in the background, so no one will know you are spying on them.

Options to Read iMessages

There are many spying tools on the market today, both free and paid. Here are the five top recommendations:

mSpy – iPhone, Android, and Windows

When you talk about the best iMessage spy tool, more people will think of mSpy. This subscription tool lets you view private social media chats, manage their online activities, read texts and emails, track their locations, and find out who is calling, among other features.

Highstermobile – iPhone

Highstermobile is another iMessage tracking tool that is extremely helpful for iPhones and iPad. Check their texts, calls, GPS, and social media. Benefits include; no jailbreak, one-time payment, and compatibility with all iOS devices.

FlexiSpy – Android

FlexiSpy allows a customer to track target phones and computers from anywhere. It’s the perfect tool for parents who are worried about their kids’ social life or their partner’s well-being and behaviors. You get a one-day free trial and then pay to enjoy stealth tracking, real-time dashboard awards, record surroundings, and receive screenshots.

Safespy – iPhone

Safespy markets itself as the best tool to track text messages on iPhone. Signing up is free, after which you get a free demo. You can then track GPS, read messages and iMessages, track social media messages, intercept calls, and do much more.

MinSpy – iPhone

If you want the most convenient way to track messages on iPhone devices, consider MinSpy. It’s easy to install. It monitors the target device easily from any web browser, it’s compatible with all iOS devices, and has a stealth mode. Create an account, verify and then start spying iMessages.

Whose Texts People Usually Read?

There are several reasons why to track iPhone messages remotely. These include:

  • Infidelity. If you think your spouse is cheating and want to expose them or gather evidence for divorce, these are the tools to use.
  • Parenting. If you are worried that your child is being bullied or bullying others, an iMessage tracker should be a good step. Or you may be worried they are communicating with the wrong people.
  • Check on the elderly. Most parents and elderly people are victims of fraud and scams. Scanning their phones could help them discover and deal with such threats appropriately.
  • You care about your friend. Do you have a friend who gets into trouble too easily, or are you worried they may resume a toxic relationship? Use the iMessage tracker and save them before they make a regrettable mistake.
  • Monitor company phones. If you have company phones issued to employees, you can use mSpy to know how they communicate with customers, for better customer care. But it’s important to let them know.

Whatever reasons you are spying on another person, ensure you do it safely. A trustworthy iMessage tracker in stealth mode gives you that privilege.


Using an iMessage monitoring app could be the best way to safeguard your kids, keep tabs on employees or know what your partner is up to. Subscribe to mSpy of the alternative apps above and put your worries to rest.