Most of you have seen the good old movie Sliver from 1993. Back then, Sharon Stone was followed by the watchful eye of the camera of the owner of the building where she lived. With today’s technology and the appearance of mobile Android and iPhone devices – this movie idea seems almost naive to us. Namely, today you can follow someone remotely – without that person having any idea about it. Various applications, GPS technology, and the like – made this possible.

We will leave the question of ethics to you, but we will answer the common question: Can someone tell your exact location just by knowing your phone number?


Tracking People: Then and Now


If you’ve asked yourself this question and you’re not sure of the answer – we’re going to hit you with the truth right away. Anyone who has your phone number can track you very easily – just by using GPS technology.

So, in case someone wants to know your exact location, this will be a very simple mission because with the help of a phone number and GPS – you can easily find out someone’s location. Technology advances every day and pushes existing boundaries. Therefore, today, it is unusual for us to think that just a few years ago, the one who wanted to follow you had far more problems.

Namely, before this kind of action, you would have to install a GPS device (most often in someone’s vehicle). Today it is simplified to the maximum – and all you need to know is the phone number of the person whose location you want to know.

Moral Dilemmas (As Well As Legal Issues)

In general, we can say that the reasons for tracking someone’s location are very different. Sometimes, this serves a purpose – for example, in cases of missing persons. Very often, parents want to know where their children are because it often happens they deliberately do not answer the phone – or simply, turn it off. Yes, rebellious teenagers can give us headaches.

Sometimes it happens couples solve their dilemmas or trust issues in this way. Whatever the reasons are – we would not engage in moral discourses. We will simply draw your attention to the fact that whoever wants to find you can do that easily. You judge how good or how bad it is.

What we always draw your attention to, is the fact that different laws are in force in different countries. Therefore, take into account what you are doing – so that you do not suffer legal consequences.

How Can Anyone Track Me By Number?


With the advancement of technology and GPS systems, this is very easy. It is enough to go online, and you will realize that there are a lot of options that you can use. One of the easiest options is provided by the mobile operator itself.

Let’s say, for example, that you and the person you want to follow are on the same mobile network. Many operators offer you the possibility to “share the location” between you and your family members or friends right from the start. Of course, if this is not the case – there are other solutions.

Tracking services by number

That is perhaps the most reliable way to find the exact location of the person you are looking for. These services are very easy to use. Namely, it is enough to enter the desired phone number – and in a short time, you will receive all the information to your email address.

On the other hand, these services are very reliable – and in their favor goes the fact that many of them use technology that erases your fingerprint and search. Therefore, the person you want to locate will not even be aware of it. Try this strategy by exploring the features at

Tracking apps

Today, on the Internet, you have countless tools that you can use for this purpose. Moreover, it seems that new tracking applications are released almost every day. Most of them work on the GPS, but we will still point out one item. Namely, many free services are not so accurate.

Sometimes it is due to poorly executed applications – although, sometimes, it happens that the users who have been “tracked” want to avoid it by using certain tricks. Therefore, read the reviews and find out which applications are truly reliable.


GPS and wi-fi

Today’s modern phones, no matter how much they have better performance, also have their shortcomings – not to say weak points. Namely, every Android or iPhone has GPS as well as Wi-Fi communication – which makes the job much easier for those who want to locate you. While GPS is related to location, a Wi-Fi network can also indicate the position of the person you want to locate.

Applications that track location via location on social networks

Your spouse is always on social networks, but never at home. We understand you are suspicious. However, today, with the help of applications that monitor the location through social networks, you can very easily find information about the whereabouts of your “lost” spouse. Don’t just blame us if you discover something you didn’t want to.

Google maps

That is the simplest way of tracking, but keep in mind that the other side has also prepared – so he or she can avoid this way of searching. Although this service can give you a precise location up to just a few meters away from the place where your wanted person is – there are also ways they can avoid it too. So, try some other options that will bring you certain results.


Today, everything is possible, so tracking by phone number has become very simple. While for some this is an abundant mission – others are just amused by the fact that they always know where you are (and sometimes even with whom). However, those of you who are following should keep in mind that you can also get followed. Would you like it – answer yourself.