Black Adam Featuring Dwayne Johnson postponed to 2023! Release Date, Trailer, Cast

This is about Black Adam Featuring Dwayne Johnson postponed to 2023! We have finally seen Snyder Cut from the house of DC and fans are loving the movie. And it looks like DC has no plans for stopping here.

DC universe is all set to release dozens of surprises for their fans. They are planning for another superhero character in the team Justice League. Yes, here we are talking about non-other than Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson as Black Adam. Is Black Adam Featuring Dwayne Johnson postponed to 2023!

There has always been a comparison from spectators of MCU and DC between Dwayne and Ryan Reynold’s will to perform their passion characters. Ryan is right now one of the most fan-favorite characters from the MCU universe, as Deadpool. Dwayne revealed that he has always wanted to play “Black Adams” for a long time. Since Rock is famous for his roles and his size he has always waited for this role.

The production of Black Adam has never gone smoothly, there always have been many problems in this movie. At first, there were rumors that DC is rolling out a “Black Adam” movie. Later on, there were so many pre-production issues, but now it is confirmed that the Black Adam will also introduce Justice Society. It is also known that it will feature many known faces. Apart from Dwayne, there are also many charming and interesting characters in the movie. Here is everything we know about the movie so far.

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Black Adam Release Date

Initially, it was decided that that the movie will release on big screens on 22nd December 2023. But it looks like our fate was not yet ready. The release date of Black Adam is now shifted to the end of 2023. That means now we have to wait for one more year to watch this movie. Because of Covid-19, the shooting and all the production work for the movie are still pending. Black Adam Featuring Dwayne Johnson postponed to 2023!

However, we might expect a change in the new release date if the creators release official statements. The crew which was supposed to lead the action in the 2020 summer will now be scheduled to activate in April 2023. There is enough time for everything so if the makers decide to release the movie early then also we will not leash out required visual effects. There is a lot of action scene in the movie. Thus they need a check and some furnishing for better quality and fun. The creators cannot hurry up to roll out the movies as the movie is going to play a big part in changing DC’s reputation. Hurrying the production will only lead to nothing but chaos.

Black Adam Teaser Trailer

There is no official trailer released for the movie yet. This is because we know that the shooting will begin in April this year, thus we cannot expect the trailer all of a sudden. But it is expected that the trailer may roll out the next summer. However, Rock frequently shares things from the set on his social media handle. And therefore right now he is the only source of any new information on Black Adam. Right now we just have a teaser that DC revealed last year in August. Black Adam Featuring Dwayne Johnson postponed to 2023!

Black Adam Cast Members

We have Dwayne in the lead role, and there are also other important artists in the Black Adam. As the shooting date is coming close, Dwayne has started revealing who else is part of this movie. He revealed that Pierce Brosnan is going to play Doctor Fate, popularly known as former James Bond. Doctor Fate first appeared in DC comics in 1940 and he is a son of an Archaeologist.

There were rumors that Shazam or Superman might appear in the movie. Noah Centineo is also a part of this movie and is all set to play Atom Smasher. His ability includes, he can grow his size up to 60 feet. He is capable of changing his size and strength. Moreover, Aldis Hodge will appear as Hawkman and last but not least Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone.

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