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Ever since Black Clover wrapped up on March 30, 2024, fans have been talking about getting a Black Clover season 5. As per the reports, Yuki Tabata is currently on hiatus. The manga is expected to return around the beginning of August, causing the fans to wonder whether Black Clover season 5 has suddenly become a real possibility.


Black Clover Last Season 4 and the movie announcement

Seasons 1 and 2 consist of 51 episodes each, and season 3 is of 52 episodes. Season 4 covered 16 episodes and had to be delayed several times due to the Covid 19 pandemic. 170 episodes of the series cover a total of 270 chapters of the manga and a few pages from chapter 272. However, instead of an announcement for Black Clover season 5, a movie announcement was presented to the audience at the end of episode 170. A trailer and a few visual keys of the movie were later released. While no specific date has been revealed, the film is speculated to release in 2024.

Possibility of season 5

Black Clover

The primary reason why Black Clover season 5 seemed like such an impossibility was the lack of content. The last chapter adapted into the anime, chapter 272, was released in November 2020, which was around the time when season 4 was speculated to finish production. By March 30, 2024, there were just 15 more chapters published, which would have yielded 10 or fewer episodes. Of course, it wouldn’t have been feasible for Studio Pierrot (read about the studio on Wikipedia) to greenlight Black Clover season 5.

However, after that year, 45 more chapters were published. These 60 chapters can be translated into around 40 or so episodes, which is enough for a complete season. Moreover, after the grand reveal in chapter 331, Tabata announced a hiatus to prepare for the finale of the series. The final act is likely to include more chapters than the Spade Kingdom Raid arc, which contained 71 chapters.

We are also considering the voice actors brought on board at the very end of season 4. Liebe’s voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto and Nacht’s voice actor Hiro Shimono are both famous voice actors in the industry, and they have given their voices to many famous anime characters.

It seems unconvincing that Pierrot would have involved them in the project if they hadn’t planned to expand their roles in the future. The ending of episode 170 also seems a little abrupt. Moreover, the number of chapters also seems too many to be adapted into a movie. Tabata is expected to come out of hiatus by the end of this month, but no such announcement has been made yet.

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All this to say that Black Clover season 5 is not only possible at this moment but is a reasonable course of action. Keeping in mind that it has a movie in production, Pierrot may not announce anything about the 5th season of Black Clover anytime soon. However, fans can strongly expect that their beloved anime will surely return to conclude the story of Asta, Yuno, and the Wizard king. Thanks for reading!