Boruto Episode 116, 117, 118 Release Dates, Spoilers

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Guess Boruto won’t begin its new Arc this month and there will be more fillers and character developments.

We will talk about Boruto Episode 116, Episode 117, Episode 118 Release Dates and also about their Spoilers.

Special thanks to Organic Dinosaur on Twitter for all the Spoilers and Translations!

Boruto Manga is currently going really really great and we recommend it, though it may spoil the anime series. The manga will debut with its much-anticipated Chapter 36 on July 21, 2019.


Episode 114 7th July will introduce GENMAKI card game which was introduced in Manga Chapter 11 but it would not continue with the same story as there are fillers.

Episode 115 14th July will feature Kakashi checking over Team 25 and seeing his wannabe while Boruto and his comrades arrive there in pursuit of the perpetrators of a bombing incident.

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Boruto Episode 116

Release Date: 21st July

Title: “Konohamaru and Lemon” (Lemon refers to a living being, a lady)

One day, Boruto and Sarutobi Konohamaru save a young lady, Yoimura Lemon, from being followed by someone.

Lemon says that she came to visit Konohagakure to do some sightseeing. She’s wearing expensive hair ornaments and seems to be a naive and innocent woman.

After hearing about Lemon’s story, Boruto and Konohamaru decide to escort her and take her along for a walk around the village.

Lemon receives some information and guidance from them and enjoys herself while sightseeing the village. Konohamaru has warm feelings towards Lemon since she’s so carefree.

Boruto Episode 117

Release Date: 28th July (Last Episode of July)

Title: “Lemon’s Secret” (Lemon refers to a living being, a lady)

Boruto and Konohamaru visit the village where Lemon resides. Despite the fact that the two of them showed her around Konohagakure village just a few days ago, they are bewildered by Lemon’s circumstances and appearance – which have suddenly changed.

Actually, Lemon is descendant of a clan that has protected the village for generations from a monster called the ‘Souma’ (*the kanji combo literally means ‘Running Horse’). Because of her position, she cannot simply go outside of the village.

In addition, soon there will be an important ceremony to prepare for. Because of the event, Lemon will be in attendance together with her childhood friend, Akitsuki Kankitsu.

However, she also gets locked up in a room so that she cannot meet with anyone else.

Boruto and Konohamaru are unable to remain impartial to the situation and think about how they can rescue Lemon somehow.

Boruto Episode 118

Release Date: 5th August

Title: “The One that Acquires Memories” (Title Note at the end*)

In order to rescue Lemon, Konohamaru investigated about Kankitsu. However, he gets detained by everyone in the village and is then forced to return back to Konohagakure village.

Boruto had taken a different course of action than Konohamaru: He observes Kankitsu being all alone – seemingly as if nothing had happened – and has a bad feeling about it (/senses an unpleasant premonition).

He secretly continues to observe the situation. Then, right in front of Boruto’s eyes, something astonishing happens.


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