Boruto Episode 193: Preview, Release Date, Spoilers

This is Boruto Episode 193: Preview, Release Date, Spoilers. Boruto is one of every of the foremost Japanese manga series. This series received immense quality inside some episodes that it’s currently got a brand new Kara Arc.

Boruto Sadara

The Boruto Kara Arc has finally premiered, and some stills of Boruto Episode 193 are aired. The fans are surprised by this series that once the premiere of the previous episode.


Boruto Episode 192: Recap!

The Lord Seventh has arrived at the scene where Kawaki was rampaging. He managed to stop Kawaki using his Kurama’s powers. Kawaki fell unconscious after the chaos.


Kawaki was taken to the hospital, where he dreams about his past while sleeping. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will be looking at Kawaki’s past. Before he was taken for Jigen’s ritual, Kawaki lived in a village where they were struggling.

He wakes up early in the morning to collect firewood and get paid for it. He was doing that for a living.

After getting his first salary, he heads to the liquor store and buys beer for his father.

The owner of the store wonders why a young boy is running errands for his father. On his way home, Kawaki met with a guy selling goldfish. The guy reveals that Kawaki is his first customer ever since he has arrived in this village.

The Guy selling goldfish also told Kawaki that he would give him a good deal. The Goldfish guy tells Kawaki that the goldfish symbolize luck and growing abundance with money, and they also repel evil.

Kawaki told the guy that he had no money, and he could not afford goldfish.

While at the end Jigen buys Kawaki from his dad, fights with a goldfish trafficker guy, and at the end hands over Kawaki to Amado for vessel experimentation. Then Kawaki wakes up from his dream.

Boruto Episode 193: Release Date

Naruto Next Generations “Boruto” Episode 193 will be released on Sunday, 4 April 2024, at 5:30 PM. You will be able to watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations online on CrunchyrollAnimeLab, and Funimation.

Boruto Episode 193: Preview

Boruto will find a new member in their house in the next episode, also this new member might create chaos all around and break things.

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