Clean clothes should smell clean, but if they emit unpleasant odors, there could be underlying issues. Using the right laundry deodorizer can control the unbearable stench in your machine and clothes. Here are reasons why your clothes may smell bad after washing them:


Bacteria Buildup


The cause of stinky clothes could be the machine. Front-loading machines can hold onto stagnant water, which can harbor bacteria. Bacteria accumulates in the drum and other components of your washing machine, leading to odor transfer to your fabric during the washing process.

To combat this, use a laundry deodorizer to eliminate stench in your front-loading machine. Run your washing machine in a sanitizing cycle or warm water cycle. After that, use a sponge to wipe down the inside and leave the washer door open to air dry.

Detergent Accumulation


Using excessive detergent to wash your clothes can make it difficult to rinse out the product completely. The detergent can build up in your machine, attracting bacteria and dirt. Too much detergent can also remain trapped in your fabric, encouraging waterlogging and weird odors.

If you are washing a light load, don’t use too much detergent. Check the detergent bottle or packet for instructions. You can use a deodorizer and cleaner during a wash cycle to break up the detergent buildup in your machine. This product can also eliminate the mustiness of detergent accumulation.

Fabric Softener Residue

Sometimes fabric softeners can contribute to stinky clothes and washing machines. Your laundry can smell bad if the fabric softener fails to rinse off properly. If the product is not diluted correctly, it can leave smelly residue on your fabric and washer.

The residue can accumulate with time and offer a breeding ground for mildew, mold, and bacteria. These biological spores can emit unpleasant odors every time you pull out clothes from your washer. To manage fabric softener residue, dilute the product properly and use the right amount. Clean your machine regularly using a deodorizer to get rid of the residue and strange odors. For the top load washer, you can add the product to the washtub and run it on a warm cycle for a good outcome.

Prolonged Dampness


If you leave clothes in the washer for too long, they can have a bad smell. A dark and damp environment can attract mold, mildew, and bacteria. These biological spores can accumulate on your fabric, creating a strong odor. Set a reminder or timer on your phone to help you remember to take your clothes out of the washer.

If the smell on your laundry and machine lingers, utilize a mineral-based fabric deodorizer. For the front load washer, remove any clothing from the machine, and add the product to the detergent dispenser. Use a regular load size cycle, warm water setting, and normal limitation for better results.

How To Choose the Right Laundry Deodorizer


The right laundry deodorizer can work against mold, mildew, sweat, and chemical odors. The right product may have the following ingredients:

  • Zinc oxide: This ingredient works by removing sulfur odors like skunk and sewage water.
  • Magnesium oxide: Magnesium oxide is useful for eliminating sweat and body smells.
  • Aluminum oxide: This ingredient helps remove fragrances and ammonia-based smells like cleaning supplies or urine.
  • Water: This is used as a dispersant and carrier for odor-fighting benefits.

Choose a reliable washing machine deodorizer and cleaner that doesn’t contain fragrances, parabens, chemicals, enzymes, and phosphates. These substances can add more stench to your fabric and machine. Avoid buying deodorizers with masking agents since they mask smells instead of eliminating them.

Invest in a high-efficiency (HE) deodorizer for front- and top-load washers that dissolves quickly, leaving no residue behind. A HE deodorizer is made of natural ingredients, which makes it kinder to the environment and your fabric. This high-efficiency product can use less water to prevent stagnant water in your machine that causes damp smells.

Get Quality Laundry Deodorizer

Investing in quality laundry deodorizers can eliminate peculiar smells in your washer and clothes. Buy a product that can remove tough odors in your front- or top-load washer with ease. You can use the deodorizer in your wash cycles to get rid of sweat, chemicals, mildew, bacteria, urine, and mold smells.