Most online and land-based casinos offer their players loyalty or VIP programs. Participate, and you’ll get benefits from the gambling provider, which will increase your resources for real-money play or offer an exclusive attitude and valuable perks.

What are these advantages? Are there any pitfalls? What should you do to get all the benefits? We’ll answer these and many other frequent questions in the guide below.



What Is a Loyalty Program and How Does It Work?

A loyalty program is a type of casino promotional campaign intended to increase gamblers’ loyalty to the brand and retain existing website users. It provides players with gifts and bonuses in return for the latter spending their funds on real-money games. The more you play, the better your rewards will be.

Most casino sites offer loyalty programs to all users. You sign up, make your first deposit, and automatically join the club after that. Loyalty programs in online casinos like BestCasinoPlay usually have levels. Every new stage you reach poses better benefits.

There is only one thing you need for a level-up – to obtain enough loyalty points. Wager real money in games, and a part of every bet will contribute to the overall number of these points. Reach a certain threshold determined for the next level, and new benefits will come.

The Difference Between Loyalty and VIP Programs


Gambling sites offer players loyalty programs, VIP programs, or both. The concept behind them is similar. The difference is in the status and the size of the rewards.

A loyalty program is usually something everyone can benefit from. You join it automatically after sign-in at a casino—no need for any special actions.

Joining a VIP program is not so easy. It often requires a personal invitation from the casino team or a substantial monetary contribution to your gambling budget. VIP programs offer players gifts unavailable in loyalty programs. The selection of prizes varies. It may include something like a vacation on a cruise ship, a watch from a popular brand, or special member perks.

Loyalty Program Benefits


The list of advantages you may receive by participating in a loyalty program includes:

  • Regular deposit bonuses;
  • free spins for slot machines;
  • no-deposit gifts;
  • cashback prizes;
  • exclusive bonus offers;
  • personalized support services;
  • better withdrawal speed and limits.

The size and availability of rewards depend on the casino you select and your current loyalty program level. We recommend you visit the appropriate page on your gambling site to learn more about what the casino has in stock for you.

Possible Pitfalls

The value of prizes offered to players and the effort to get them defines the quality of a loyalty program. Some websites make reaching a new loyalty level so difficult that all the rewards just become insignificant due to previous expenses on bets.

You should also check the limitations on provided bonuses and wagering requirements for them. The latter should be reasonable and make it possible for players to enjoy the real benefits of participating in the loyalty program.

Conclusion on Casino Loyalty Programs


The concept of loyalty programs is to bring benefits to both players and casinos. This works only if no one tries to cheat. Pick a reliable and fair casino to be sure you get real benefits as a loyal gambling website player.

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