CSGO Dust 2 Common Mistakes What are they? For novice players, they will always make some common mistakes, and this is also the growth that must be experienced on the way to growth. The purpose of this article is to help players improve their chances of winning ranked matches by correcting the mistakes players make on csgo callouts dust 2, so as to master the best strategy for dust 2.


CSGO Callouts Dust 2 – Bombsite A

Before jumping into the tutorial, please take a look at Bombsite A on CSGO Callouts Dust 2 in general. Bombsite A is Bombsite A connected to T Spawn, Long and Catwalk. It is also a double-layer area, and there will be many boxes in the middle of the bomb site, which is quite beneficial for the forces that come to this side first. The terrain advantage of Bombsite A makes it the best place for both forces to fight for first tactical point .

Here is the CSGO Callouts Dust 2 Map:

CSGO Dust 2 Common Mistakes Collect

Common Mistake 1

Speaking from the CT side, I often hear many CTs say “I’ll go to a small” at the beginning, and then start to go to the trail, which is wrong. By default, the 3 defensive players on the CT side must go together to grab a big at the beginning.

The first player throws a door fire, and the second player throws a blue box fire. The third team member throws a flash behind and assists with the shot. The 3 players should have a clear division of labor to form a complete system, and the lack of any player will greatly reduce the success rate of CT grabbing a. So, no matter what, you should first grab the big A with your teammates. Then you can go to a small or middle gate if you want to.

In professional games, we often see that CT will give up a big at the beginning and choose a small in a double frame. The important point behind it is that the three of you must communicate to decide where to go in this round. If you decide to grab a big, 3 people will go together. If you go to A Xiao, you can stand alone, and 2 people go. In any case, when your teammates are going to grab a big, you must turn around and take a small directly. It must be a very team-conscious and irresponsible behavior.

Common Mistake 2

The second point is that many people decide to attack point a after grabbing big a when attacking. Burning the blue car and putting on two smoke bombs are routine operations. Everyone likes to rush forward with one brain, and everyone who fights the police also fights a big, which is very wrong.

It is very likely that the police will have a CT squatting in the smoke to listen to the footsteps of the bandits on the platform before coming out to catch the order. In addition, the smoke from the police’s house is usually gone after you have finished the package site and buried the package. At this time, it is too late to withdraw to A University. In the end, they will fall into the dilemma where everyone is crowded in the bag and surrounded by CT from all sides.

Therefore, the correct approach is not to rush everyone to the platform when attacking platform A, but to communicate with teammates and allocate points for support.

Common Mistake 3

The actions of many bandits clearing the B1 floor are irregular. After the revision of Dust2, the control of the bandit sniper rifle on the middle gate has been weakened. The CT side can enter the B1 floor at a very low cost. If you control the b hole alone, it is recommended that you do not rush in. Because you need to face the forward pressure of the CTs on both sides of B1 and B at the same time.

When it is decided to press forward on B1, the teammate at point B will usually press forward as a screen. Therefore, it is difficult for a person to enter the b cave alone. A better approach is to set up a gun outside b to ensure that you will not die while listening to the movement.


How do you play Dust 2 CSGO? If you are a novice player, it is easy to reduce your winning rate due to the above three mistakes. You can refer to the suggestions given in the article. If you have thoroughly grasped all the above knowledge points, getting an S after getting familiar with csgo callouts dust 2 will definitely not be a problem.