The most favorite part of the year is definitely the holiday season. Then we meet with our family and friends to celebrate one of the most beautiful periods of the year together. It also includes exchanging gifts. Cyber ​​Monday can be a great opportunity to surprise your loved ones and save a lot of money at the same time.

You can also treat yourself to some great deals. Tech-obsessed people look forward to this part of the year all year long. If you are one of them, and you do not have enough experience in shopping, we have a few tips for you. We can help you make good choices.


Should I buy a TV?


TVs deals are often not worth buying during this time of year. These devices will last you a really long time if you opt for the right model. That’s why it pays to invest more money every few years. Otherwise, you will fall into the trap of most stores that put the biggest discounts on the cheapest models. You will save a lot of money on a new TV, but the question is whether you will be satisfied with its quality. Instead, opt for some other tech items, and buy a TV right before the Super Bowl.

Are computers a good choice for Cyber ​​Monday?

We’re sure you can find some great deals, but super cheap PCs aren’t the best choice. Just like with the previous device, vendors will generally bring out low-powered computers that will need to be replaced in as little as a couple of years. There are solid discount systems out there, but they won’t be super low prices. Always check the specifications thoroughly before buying and compare models with each other.

Are game consoles worth buying?


If you’re waiting for Cyber ​​Monday to get your hands on a long-awaited console, you’d better try something else. It will be very difficult for you to get them, because this problem has been around for a while. Especially high demand will occur during sales and you will have to fight with everything else on the Internet. The number of systems is limited, so it is better not to bet on it.

What gadgets should I consider?

You can find more than one useful gadget on sale. During the holiday shopping season, you can’t get a better deal than this one. You’ll find the most famous headphones with great specs at super low prices. Check if this technology includes features like active noise cancellation and others. Also see offers for USB ports and similar gadgets. We recommend you to visit and check electronics department of the website because you can get numerous ideas.

How can a cybercriminal compromise your consumer experience?


As the popularity of Cyber ​​Monday grew, so did the offers. This can be a real treasure if you know how to shop safely. We don’t know how knowledgeable you are, but the rate of cybercrime increases significantly during such events. People who are responsible for malicious actions try to reach as many people as possible in this way. Unfortunately, they often succeed, because the demand is as great as the selection of offers. People get very excited about shopping, discounts and often miss the warning signs.

However, the hacker will generally try to reach the victim through emails. It is also the easiest way to scam you, because the average person receives at least a few emails during the day. Such an action is called malvertising. To avoid bad consequences, be sure to protect your computer and your personal data. Also, be careful and don’t open suspicious messages. Install the best antivirus software possible. Don’t forget to maintain your operating system and all internet-facing apps.

How to protect yourself from cyber-attacks?

Use only a secure connection. It is also important which vendors you buy from. Most websites can be exposed to hacker attacks without their owners even being aware of it. However, reliable vendors will always work to improve the customer experience and invest more resources in protecting their website. That’s why it’s best to research the seller before trusting them and leaving personal information. There is a whole list of trusted online retail sites online so you won’t have a hard time finding them.

Lastly, there are a lot of fake sites that you don’t want to visit. in order to get to the right site, you need to check the websites URL. Maybe this seems too obvious to you, but that’s actually the catch. Scammers who want to harm you will clone the URL of well-known sites to hide their intentions. They try to do this as discreetly as possible, by omitting one letter from the original URL. You can’t miss it if you don’t want to compromise your personal information.

How to avoid fake deals?


Too good to be true offers are equally dangerous and you have to find a way to recognize them. If you see a very low price, there is a possibility that the product will only cost you that much. However, certain products cannot cost less than their current price. It is an advanced technology that requires a lot of investment. Don’t forget that behind such devices are serious companies who also want their piece of the pie. Sales also involve many middlemen, workers, etc. Scammers will try to fool you with an extremely low price, so do a good estimate. Fake deals can be recognized very easily if you know how to recognize red flags. One of the quickest ways to check if a price is too good to be true is to check the price at other outlets.

Do not rush to buy, because then you can easily be deceived. It only takes a second for cyber attackers to trick you, and often it’s enough to click on a link you receive via email. In that case, a moment of inattention is enough and you will be robbed. When creating an account, always use a strong password and unique login information for each site separately. Otherwise, don’t even create an account.


The best equipment is usually the most expensive. Luckily, Cyber ​​Monday is just around the corner and you can finally buy what you’ve been planning all year. Now you can get premium brands products at a much lower price, but beware of all the dangers on the Internet. Research the available outlets well and find the best deals. We hope we have helped you with that.