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DanMachi Season 2 New Visual

The DanMachi anime series is returning this summer with a brand new anime series adapted by J.C. Staff. The official site to DanMachi Season 2 revealed a new key visual announcing its summer Release date.


Release Date

The new season is slated to release on 12th July on TOKYO MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, and Bs11. The series will also be available on Crunchyroll streaming service.

The series will be competing against other titles like Dr. Stone, and Fire Force.

Key Visual

DanMachi Season 2 New Visual
DanMachi Season 2 New Visual

The new key visual features main cast members Bell and Hestia along with new appearances like Haruhime and Ishtar. Also, a teaser trailer was released during May.


Most of the staff of season 1 at J.C. Staff will return for the second season except the series director Yoshiki Yamakawa who will be replaced by Circlet Princess director Hideki Tachibana. It really feels delightful to have all Main staff members back for season 2.

Is DanMachi: Arrow of Orion is required to watch to understand season 2?

No, the anime movie isn’t a must watch to understand the contents of Season 2 although the movie is considered canon. The anime movie was released on February 2019.

About DanMachi

DanMachi is a Japanese light novel written by Fujino Omori.

“The story takes place in Orario, where fearless adventurers band together in search of fame and fortune within the monstrous underground labyrinth known as Dungeon.

But while riches and renown are incentive enough for most, Bell Cranel, would-be hero extraordinaire, has bigger plans. He wants to pick up girls.

Is it wrong to face the perils of Dungeon alone, in a single-member guild blessed by a failed goddess? Maybe.

Is it wrong to dream of playing hero to hapless maidens in Dungeon? Maybe not. After one misguided adventure, Bell quickly discovers that anything can happen in the labyrinth–even chance encounters with beautiful women.

The only problem? He’s the one who winds up the damsel in distress!”

The light novel has been adopted in two manga series. while JC Staff adapted the anime series. A second season and an original anime movie released back in February.

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