As time passes by, we tend to notice why Dr Stone has a loyal and loving fan base. The reason being, a beautiful story filled with friendship, science, and life lessons. At the time of release, Dr stone had all the big boys in the manga industry who were fighting tooth and nail to climb up the ranks of manga sales. But this manga achieved wonders from the time it set foot in the industry making it one of the most successful manga out there. Coming to today’s top, we will be discussing Dr Stone Chapter 189 Release Date, Read Dr Stone Online For Free!!

Dr Stone Chapter 189 Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 189 Release Date is confirmed to be 14th March 2021. As of now, there are no reports regarding any surprise delays. So, it is safe to say that Dr Stone will release its latest chapter next week as usual according to its usual release date schedule. For more such updates on the latest and ongoing manga, make sure to subscribe to Omnitos.

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Spoilers and Leaks for Dr Stone CH 189

Currently, there are no updates regarding the spoilers and leaks of Dr Stone CH 189. But rest assured you guys can expect the spoilers and raw scans to release on 12th March, 2021.

Read Dr Stone Chapter 189 Online Free!

Viz Media and Mangaplus are considered to be a few of the top manga reading platforms. They provide weebs with all the latest manga chapters free of cost. It is also famous for its timely releases and vast coverage of all the ongoing manga. All the latest chapters of Dr Stone including Dr Stone Chapter 189 can be read on the above-mentioned platforms.

That’s all for today weebs, any updates regarding “Dr Stone Chapter 189 Release Date, Read Dr Stone Online For Free!!” will be duly changed in time. Until then, Sayonara and stay safe weebs!

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