We finally got to see all the OFA users in the previous chapter. As knowledgeable as they sound, they were completely unaware of the fact that OFA was not meant for users with existing quirks. Thus, All Might was the strongest past user of OFA due to making it his own quirk. Now the same thing applies for Midoriya, but there is a small catch. His entire generation and next-generation have little to no chance of being born without a quirk. So he might be the last OFA user to use it to its fullest potential. Hence taking us back to the original narration where he tells us how became the greatest hero of all time. Without any further ado let’s check out My Hero Academia Chapter 305 Release Date, Deku VS Shigaraki?? Ultimate Battle Coming Soon!!

My Hero Academia Chapter 305 Release Date

my hero academia chapter 305

My Hero Academia Chapter 305 Release Date is confirmed to be March 14th, 2021. MHA Chapter 305 will feature the beginning of a long-lasting battle between the heroes and villains. The next chapter has a lot of high hopes relating to the Todoroki family battle and Deku’s awakening. All things said and done, at the end of the day, My Hero Academia Chapter 305 is going to be lit.


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MHA Chapter 305 Delayed?

As of now, there are no official updates or confirmation made by the staff or team of MHA. So it is safe to say that My Hero Academia will be following its usual release date schedule for the next week’s release.

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mha chapter 305 read online free


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