The previous chapter was better than ever and had beautiful illustrations as such. Chapter 190 ended with a suicidal charge filled with honor and dignity but was also a necessary move for the greater plan to succeed. But fans will have to patiently wait until the next chapter comes out to see the entire plan unfold. Dr Stone has certainly come a long way especially in the manga series where the unexpected takes place at the most unexpected point of time. Today’s article will fill you in on Dr Stone Chapter 191 Release Date(Delayed), Latest Updates, and Where To Read?

Dr Stone Chapter 191 Faces another Delay!

After jaw-dropping epic scenes, Dr Stone Manga has decided to go on a break due to unknown reasons. But nevertheless, the manga will come back stronger than ever and amaze us all. In recent news, it was confirmed that Dr Stone will be going under a 2-week hiatus. This would mean that fans will have to wait an extra week to know more about the aftermath of the suicidal charge.

Dr Stone Chapter 191 Release Date Confirmed!

Dr Stone Chapter 191 Release Date is confirmed to be 4th April 2021. Due to the 7 day delay, we can expect a really interesting chapter to provide more interesting facts and fan service than usual. To know more about interesting facts, news, and the latest updates about all the ongoing anime and manga series, do subscribe to

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Read Dr Stone Chapter 191 Online Free!

Viz Media and Mangaplus are considered to be a few of the top manga reading platforms. They provide weebs with all the latest manga chapters free of cost. It is also famous for its timely releases and vast coverage of all the ongoing manga. All the latest chapters of Dr Stone including Dr Stone Chapter 191 can be read on the above-mentioned platforms.