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The previosu chapter of Dr Stone was unbelievable. And now, Dr Stone Chapter 198 has a lot of expectations left to be fulfilled. We literally saw Senku remake the revival fluid in 16 days and revive the entire squad including Tsukasa and Hyoga. But since Tsukasa had witnessed Hyoga dying, it was completely impossible for him to come back to life. Now, Senku has confirmed his theory that Medusa rejects death. This opens up multiple possibilities and specualtions that are driving fans nuts. In this article, we will enlighten you on everythin there is to know about Dr Stone Chapter 198.


Dr Stone Chapter 198 Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 198 is projected to release on May 3oth, 2023. Unlike before, Dr Stone is not on any such delay. fans can eagerly wait for Dr Stone 198 to release next week as per its original schedule. The next few chapters might show Senku’s plans on testing out his new theory without other’s knowledge. For more such updates, make sure to visit us at Omnitos where we provide all the latest updates, news, and release dates of the ongoing manga series.

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