Dr. Stone: Stone Wars episode 5 is out now. this post will give you a recap of the latest episode and what’s next for the kingdom of science. So pretty much the episode revolves around the steam engine and upgrading it to save chrome. will Senku and others be successful in doing so, lets find out. If you haven’t watched Episode 4, then this post contains spoilers, you have been warned. So let’s dive into the stone world.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Episode 5

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Dr. Stone Stone wars Episode 6 Release Date:

Dr. Stone season 2 episode 6 “Prison Break” will release on February 18th, 2024 at 10:30 PM JST (Japan Standard Time). Some fans might already know that the new episodes premiere on Thursday of every week. If there’s any delay we will update this article, so you don’t miss out on any information.

Next week we will see whether Chrome can make out of the prison by himself or Senku and others will come to his rescue. Where the trap awaits them. Until then what do you think about episode 5, episode 6, you can comment down below.

Where to watch Dr. Stone Stone wars:

Currently Dr. Stone and Dr. Stone: Stone wars is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Also, Season 1 is available on Netflix. Manga can be read on Viz.com.

(We recommend you to watch and read anime and manga from official sites only. As it provides accurate and better translations and subs.)

Episode 5 Recap:

Episode 5 of Dr. Stone takes a ride towards the Tsukasa empire in order to save chrome. Senku additionally creates a cart so that elderly people can also travel a long distance. But they insisted on staying back as they would be liable for the rest while going to war. Senku looks back on how the village has given him so much and starts their journey along the flat surface. To have a smooth ride they created the tires out of bamboos just like an airless tire used in planetary exploration by NASA.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Episode 5

When faced with the hurdle of less power while climbing, Senku is all powered up with a new idea. meanwhile, Suika uses her detective skills to pinpoint the location of chrome. Senku creates paper and then uses plastic to glue it with the automobile and turns it into a tank. To use it as a one-time attack mech.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Episode 5

But Tsukasa is one step ahead of Senku, he does not underestimate him and has planned for the attack. Tsukasa set traps near the prison knowing Senku will not leave any friend behind. He is not surprised by the fact that Senku can create an automobile even in this stone world. Between all this Chrome is determined to save his friends from this trap and to free himself with the use of science.

About Dr. Stone:

Suddenly one-day humankind is petrified by a green flash of light. Everything is turned to stone. After several thousand years later Taiju awakens, but he was not alone. Senku Ishigami a science enthusiast was already depetrified a couple of months ago. Now his goal is to rebuild the civilization with the power of science. Stone wars is the 2nd season and will follow the war between the kingdom of science and Tsukasa’s mighty empire.

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