Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1

Hello, everyone, it has been almost 3 months since Dragon Ball Super ended and we all are waiting for the movie but Fans would be really hyped to know that we will get Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Promotional Anime (Non- Canon) with fights like Super Saiyan 4 vs Super Saiyan Blue and even Vegito Blue. Here is the new trailer below. It will release on July 1 and July 16. For more updates check our Omnitos Reddit Community.

Translations as per Herms 98 of this trailer goes as ” Dangerous prisoners are gathered together on the Prison Planet. Evil Saiyan: “Fight with me!” Goku and company stand against an approaching menace, Vegeta: “Is this a Saiyan? I’ve never felt such an evil ki before! What’s wrong, Kakarot?!” New Dragon Ball character Fu: “The most interesting experiment in the universe finally enters its main phase!” Vegito: “Cumber! The fight’s on!” Goku: “Don’t miss it!” Prison Planet arc promotion anime Starts streaming July 1st, 2018!

DBH promotional anime trailer. The villain is called the “Evil Saiyan” and the trailer features Vegeta going “wow, that Saiyan sure is evil!” There’s something truly brilliant about that.

When will it release?

It will release on July 1 but the exact time isn’t revealed yet.

Where to watch it?

We advise you all to use official sources to watch the Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Summary

SUPER SAIYAN 4 GOKU vs SSGSS GOKU?! A super battle unfolds on the unknown “Prison Planet”!

Trunks returns from the future to train with Goku and Vegeta. However, he abruptly vanishes. The mystery man’ “Fu” suddenly appears, telling them that Trunks has been locked up on the “Prison Planet, a mysterious facility in an unknown location between universes. The group searches for the Dragon Balls to free Trunks, but an unending super battle awaits them! Will Goku and the others manage to rescue Trunks and escape from the Prison Planet? (translation by Herms98). Fu is the son of Towa and Mira and the nephew of Dabura. For more questions on Dragon Ball Heroes see here.

Present Goku defeats the Super Saiyan 4 Goku at last. Thus, it confirms that Super Saiyan Blue is stronger than Super Saiyan 4. An evil Saiyan will also appear.

Image by Rmehedi

News about the Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018

The movie will release on 14th December 2018. New character images were released see below.

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 New Character

The names of the new characters as per translation of the scans are, at the Left is Remo, in the Middle is Chirai and at the Right is Kikono. 2 of them simply use guns which doesn’t look like a threat to our Saiyans. The 3rd character looks much as the general who shooted Goku in the Ressurection F Arc.

Earlier the news was that Beerus and Whis, and Super Saiyan Blue form too will be involved in this movie. Also, this Movie’s initial Character Designs for Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Whis, and Picollo were released.

SSB’s involvement quietly gives a hint that opponents will be strong enough for that form to be used. This freestyle animation will make you remember Dragon Ball Z.

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