Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71, Release Date, Recap and Spoilers
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71, Release Date, Recap and Spoilers

The greatest anime of all time. Yes, you hear me right, we are talking about Dragon Ball Super. This is the only manga series with zero haters. Now did you imagine how much popularity and attention it gathered with a huge fan following across the globe who are ready to do anything just for their favorite fictional characters?

We are not talking about any common or any ordinary manga, here in this article, we will going to discuss the Dragon Ball Super chapter 17 release date, spoilers, and recap of the previous chapter.


Where to Read Chapter 71?

If you want to read the English version of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71, I’d recommend the VIZ app. Otherwise, you can wait for the official release and watch on either Shonen Jump App Android or Shonen Jump App iOS or Manga Plus app.

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

A quick recap of chapter 70

We will talk about Dragon Ball Super chapter 71 later. First, let’s go through the recap of the last chapter.

Vegeta and Goku were getting trained by Lord Beerus and Whis respectively in order to become the strongest in the Universe. Lord Beerus was teaching Vegeta that how he uses his power for destructing anything that exists in this universe. He told him that when he destroys anything it destroyed from reality itself. Vegeta starts his training with a little piece of rock which he will be able to destroy in his second attempt.

Goku was observing asking Whis that Lord Beerus really training Vegeta. Yes, Whis replied then Goku made his mind that he will focus on his training and will become stronger the Vegeta.

On the other side “Granolah” uses the Dragon Balls and wished for being the strongest in the whole universe. But the Shenron declined his wish by saying I can not grant you the power beyond your potential. Shenron offers him a term on which he can make him powerful in the whole universe. He asked to take Granolah life spawn after granting his wish, he can live up to 3 years only. Granolah accepts his term and Shenron grants him his wish.

At the same time, when the Shenron grants his wish. Whish notice some fluctuation in the universe and think that it might cause some problems in the future and Vegeta and Goku will be destined to meet Granolah.

Granolah returned to his home planet and test his power by a technique called “The Boulder exploded”. Monaito got shocked after seeing Granolah with this much power.

Later, Granolah went to Erec place where he asked about Freeza’s location. But Erec declined and they have a clash with each other. Granolah shows the little glance of his power to Erec. And make Erec tell him Freeza’s location.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71, release date, and spoilers

After waiting for a whole month, Dragon Ball super announced the releasing date of chapter 71. Dragon Ball Super chapter 71 will be published on April 20, 2023, in the weekly Shenon Jump. You can also read the Dragon Ball manga series on the official site of Shenon jump. As it has a great user experience than any of the unofficial sites.

If we talk about the spoilers of chapter 71, we have not got any official leaked spoilers. We have to wait for few more days to get the answers to all the questions we have.

But as in the last chapter, we have seen that Shenron grants Granolah his wish in return for shortening his life span. In the new episode Granolah my be went for Freeza to take his revenge. Also maybe we can see some clash between Freeza and Granolah.

There is a possibility that Whish would tell Vegeta and Goku that there’s some who wished to be strongest in the whole universe. But as we have not got any official announcement about any spoiler of chapter 71, we do more and more predictions.

We will update this section if we got any spoiler about chapter 71. So, do follow Omnitos for more updates.

Dragon Ball Super Anime: All We Know About Season Two

Dragon Ball Super is one of those animes, the longer it is, the better it gets. The whole has surely gained a lot of fans since season one of Dragon Ball Super released. The community itself is strong, it’s growing!  Also, when it comes to not only its Dragon Ball fan mangas but also its Dragon Ball fan animations, it’s getting sophisticated.

The trailer of Dragon Ball Super season two has hyped up so many fans around the globe. It starts with epic music, as it fits right in where the show is getting to. Dragon Ball Super season two is rumored to be aired in the upcoming 2 years.

Although there hasn’t been any official news, it is said to be launched in mid-winter this year. All we can do is wait for the official news or the series itself to air. For more updates and news, stay tuned to Omnitos for more updates and news!