Howdy, everyone, these are the major spoilers for the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super from episode 115 to 118. Leave the site now if you don’t want to get spoiled. These summaries will definitely give you chills. We all were waiting for the Ultra Instinct to return!

Goku Ultra Instinct

Finally, the spoilers confirm the return of Ultra Instinct for sure, tighten your seat belts to see these spoilers. Special thanks to KenXyro and Yonkou Production for the scans and translations. Here are the titles and summaries of the upcoming episodes:

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115

Title: Goku vs Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!

Synopsis:  Caulifla and Kale of Universe 6, who were fighting Son Goku of Universe 7, fused using ‘Potara’ given by Universe 6 Kaioshin before the tournament started. The two now fight Goku as “Kefla”, and overwhelm him with tremendous power.

Each universe who saw the fusion happen, begins to wonder, if they too, can retort to using Potara themselves and lay down their strategies accordingly.

Image from episode 115

Dragon Ball Super Episode 116

Title: Symptoms (Omen) Return! Grand Eruption of Ultra Instinct.

Synopsis: Due to his fight to the limit with Kefla, Goku uses ‘Ultra Instinct’ – the state which even the gods cannot easily attain, In answer to that, Kefla powers up as well. Now, it seems like Kefla is going to do a power-up which may rival Goku’s Ultra Instinct tech.

We already wrote about Goku Ultra Instinct symptoms (Omen). Read it here. 

Don’t miss it!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 117

Title: Grand Battle of Love! Androids vs Universe 2.

Synopsis: Ribrianne and other of Universe 2 rush into attack Goku, who activated Ultra Instinct and ran out of energy as a result. It looked like Goku would be taken out from the attacks of Ribrianne and her teammates, but then Android 17 and 18 come to help.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 118

Title: Tragedy Discloses in on the Vanishing Universe!

Synopsis: There is no synopsis available right now but it seems like the Universe of Rebrianne (Universe 2) will get erased according to the title above. This is what everyone is wishing for since the beginning of the tournament.

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